Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cotton Candy

To say that I am in love is an understatement. I keep wanting more pink on my needles.
This pink is I Love This Cotton, and has a 180 yards per skein, so it's really a value, altho I have heard it pills tremendously. Nevertheless, it worked to refine my customized raglan design and I'll jump back to luscious merino for the next project.
This is the unblocked view, as it is majorly cotton, I am afraid it will grow longer and longer as I wear it, so the sleeves may get reknit shorter, as they are just the right length at the moment.

These last few projects have opened my eyes to new-to-me techniques, and my confidence has grown.

I never posted the finished Kimono Cardi, so I am now. I put it on a curtain rod, suspended between the shelves of my fabric stash. It is going to a reader in NSW Australia today! It's colder there this time of year. It's great to have someone like my knits enough to want them for themselves!

Since that worked so well for shooting the Kimono, here's Cotton Candy on the rod too.

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  1. Both sweaters are so gorgeous. It must feel wonderful to wear them! I'd love to try the pattern out for the pink one!

  2. Love your "display.". The stash makes a great back drop.

  3. Your work is amazing! Such talent!
    I still wear the wonderful socks that you knit for me!

  4. I love the cardigans displayed with the colourful fabrics in the back! Great.

  5. I am in awe of how fast you finish, wonderful sweaters.

  6. Great display! And yes, I agree with Janet. You are a seriously fast knitter! Love the kimono cardi. Did you share a pattern link or is that one of yours? I'd love to try that one.

  7. Anonymous1:31 PM

    The pink sweater looks stunning! Who knew!!! When I saw the beginning I thought 'meh'...too many candy colours. But the finished garment is really nice. You are the fastest knitter I have ever 'read'.

  8. Beautious! You ARE fast!

  9. Oh I absolutely love the "Cotton Candy" one!!!!!!!!

  10. Your sweaters are beautiful and the pink one is definitely your colour. It is gorgeous. Thank you for continuing to share your art with us.

  11. Both sweaters are wonderful, and the soft pink one is just in time for spring. Enjoy it!

  12. Susan M11:12 AM

    Melody, What do you do?? Knit a sweater every other day! You are amazing! You are one fast knitter!! (And Quilter!)


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