Sunday, April 22, 2012

Container Garden

I have these two glorious photos pinned to my Garden Ideas board on Pinterest. I am inspired to try to make a combo that will look this great by midsummer. Here's my attempt. Remember, I  just now planted this.

I have numbered the plants to make it easier to discern what is where.
1. Pink Snapdragon, which I chose for height, altho these are supposedly dwarf, reaching only 18". We'll see.

2. Gerbera Daisy, unknown color, since it was not blooming when I bought it half priced.

3. Royal Purple Trailing Petunia

4. Double Yellow Calibrachoa, which is my new plant in the garden. They are also called trailing petunias, or million bells, superbells etc. It's small now, but just wait. It'll grow to this amazing size.

5. Sweet Potato Vine in russet colors. The leaves start out limey-gold and get redder as they mature.
6. Lysimachia or creepy Jenny, or Pennyroyal. I have a ton of it in the yard and it is so easy to transplant. Pull it out and stick it in anywhere. Guaranteed to thrive.
Out by the pond garden, the peachy iris are in full bloom. Sigh. Such a soft color.

And the first white Clematis has opened, shaded by the giant purple blossoms.

It's a great year for our Rhododendrons, which came with the house. Now that the shade garden has a bit more light, due to removing some huge trees for the deck, everything is doing much better there.

My nasturtiums sprouts have joined the nursery plants, Riviera Blue Lobelia and yellow African Marigolds

And last but not least, my basil has its second leaves. I put them in amongst the flowers, for easy access and height. Many of the surrounding plants are lower spreading varieties, and I felt I would need something tall to compensate.

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  1. I think I have that same blue pot. I love what you've done and as it grows and fills in it will look even better. I absolutely love hanging baskets of flowers and plants. When I lived in Washington state, I ferried over to Victoria , BC once and all along the streets there they had the most gorgeous full hanging baskets of flowers. Now that I live in the high desert of NM, those kind of things just don't grow here. So I can admire your garden via cyberspace. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  2. Such a beautiful garden!

  3. I love the colors in the pots and million bells are one of my favorites. Your garden/yard is so beautiful!

  4. Your garden is so lovely! What a wonderful accomplishment.

  5. Oh I love that color palette in the container garden. I am going to try that too. IF it ever warms up here. Still freezing at night here in Wisconsin.

  6. I'm so happy you are such a garden guru. I'm going to try making your planter!

  7. Anonymous3:04 AM

    wow!so beautiful and colourful!!!

  8. I've never seen peach coloured iris - they are lovely.

  9. Thanks for the garden tour!
    A lady on Ravelry was trying to find out more about peach-coloured bearded irises by giving Google a pic and asking it to search for similar things. She found lots of pictures of peach/flesh coloured curves, but none of them was an iris and only a handful were family safe....


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