Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I took my (Amish Prison Warden) denim dress to my sister to show her and asked her if she liked it. She tried it on, it fit her, and she claimed it. Problem solved!
Then I went shopping to find a better pattern for a summer dress and found patterns have gotten suddenly very expensive. So when I returned home I scoured through my old patterns and found EXACTLY the same sought after design in an old Stretch and Sew Pattern. Woowoo! I am off to the races, as soon as my fabric arrives...maybe this afternoon.
In the meantime, it is Knitting Group! Yay. I have a new sweater to wear and it will be in the 70's today, which means summer yarns can't be far from my needles. Double woowoo!

Stretch & Sew 1583 image.jpg


  1. Mechelle9:52 AM

    Now patterns ARE very expensive, but that is because Joann's puts them on sale a few times a month for .99 - $1.99 - so you have to watch the sale ad and get em while they are on sale! I really like the peasant dress!!

  2. Sometimes it pays to save all that stuff!


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