Monday, March 05, 2012

A Better Neckline

I currently am entranced with raglan top down sweaters( no surprise), but have been unhappy with the necklines as the pattern is written.

O let's face it, I am never happy with the pattern as written on anything. I have to make it my way.

 I kept thinking that I should be able to do the neckline ribbing and make the front of the neck lower than the back. Most of these patterns make them even or balanced, which is either too low in the back or too high in the front. Or too low in both back and front. I don't want a gap at the back of my neck and especially don't want that 'strangled' feeling of being hit too high in the neck in front.
I decided to knit the ribbing and then do short rows on just the back neck and stop and turn after the front raglan increases. I knit with a wrap and turn technique, and didn't pick up the wraps, risktaker that I am. Turns out it doesn't show.

I am attempting to show the wrapped stitches, which even I can't see, but am guessing they are where I placed the X's. The fact that I knit five rows more on the back of the ribbing, thus raising the back neck while keeping the front stitches unknit til later fulfills my goal of lowering the front neck. Yay!

Here are two variations of the jacket.  Free pattern. My neckline will be higher, and raglan construction, so this will be more of a jacket to keep me warm. I am changing the front button placket too, and won't be making the lacy cuffs and hem. I am aiming at long sleeves..
It is two varigated sock yarns held together, and  I ordered the suggested yarns only to find out one colorway was out of stock, so I am substituting a purple mix for one of the four colors called for in the pattern. In the end my jacket will only be slightly like this one.  I'll have pockets on mine.


  1. Let's see. You're changing the neckline, changing the inset sleeve cap to raglan, changing the front placket, eliminating the lace cuffs and hem and changing to long sleeves. Are you sure you're making the same sweater? hahaha!

  2. OMG, you make me laugh! Inspiration strikes again...

  3. This is coming out wonderfully, Melody! I admire your ability to change patterns like this to suit your needs. For some reason, my gauge on a vest I am making now is not working. I have had to change part of the pattern while I am working on it, in order to keep the measurements. It was a lacy section, so I really didn't feel like doing it over again. I hope it works out in the end!

    I love, love the yarns you are using for this! While I sometimes do use two yarns held together, I find it less relaxing to do so as I'm always worrying about losing one in a stitch.

  4. You need the Barbara Walker " top down knit" book. More design options than you could ever want. And lots of info on neck shaping. This is the only pattern you will ever need.

    I have been in love with using 2 sock yarns together. So many more color options. Wish you could fin DK yarn like sock yarn. But, I guess I could fye my own.

    Have fun

  5. Another comment. I too am fussy about neck shaping. This is why we knit our own. In one name brand knitting pattern the back and front for a kids pattern said that having them the same was a good design feature so the kid didn't have to worry about the front or back when putting it on! Ugh! Strangle the kid. This might be why kids don't like sweaters. Even kids need well shaped sweaters.

  6. I absolutely agree with you about standard patterning. Your patterning looks great.

  7. I read your first line about rewriting the pattern and I thought, "Yup, she would." Then I read your next line, lol.
    I really love that pattern though. It's hard to buy the yarns around here for things like that. Usually I stick to easier things like afghans because I don't have confidence or patience) to adjust patterns.
    I look forward to seeing what you do.

  8. Your diet is coming right along Mel - you look great in the sweater picture! Seriously, the sweater is gorgeous! Wish I could knit...

  9. Very nice indeed. You are looking FAB

  10. Hey you guys! That is a slimmer than me model, not there for me yet. YET.

  11. This is the best colorful designer sweaters.This is the great fun with colorful threads.Necklace look so beautiful.

  12. I l-o-v-e that pattern and started it for myself about 2 years ago. Using the exact yarns that were called for, I was going to make it exactly like the pattern. Especially, since I'm not a good enough knitter to make adjustments. I finally gave up about 3/4 of the way up the front. I just didn't like the way it was turning out. But, I know I'm going to love yours since you know what you're doing. I can't wait to see it all finished and being modeled. I'm great at knitting socks, but I suck at sweaters. :))

  13. Hey Melody,
    you really made my day today :). I took a look at your photos and my frist thought was "That looks better than mine". I took a second look, and a third and had to laugh as I recognized that you took my photo! I am still laughing!
    Thank you so much!
    Greetings from the heart,


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