Friday, March 23, 2012

Up Early

The sun hits the far hills before it rises over the trees.
I would say we were up with the sun, but we beat it by a half hour. We are busy cleaning house because today we planned on having a deck lunch party with our friend Colleen, but the rain washed out that idea. Now it's time to find a home for all those old magazines, put away the knitting, collect all the tv remotes, vacuum all the dog hair off everything and make the dining room look inviting.
Since I am dieting and haven't been cooking in a while, I had to reach into the inner wrinkles of the ol' brain to come up with something delish and festive, and for me, edible.  Here's the menu.
Beef Enchiladas with poblano peppers in mole sauce.
Mexican Rice and Refried Beans, cheese topped with sour cream too.
Guacamole made with fresh salsa, chopped tomatoes, black olives, green onions
Dessert: Sliced strawberries on vanilla ice cream.
Doesn't sound very diet-y does it?
I won't have the rice & beans, but will have the meat filling and lots of guacamole with salad.
For dessert I will switch out the ice cream for vanilla yogurt. Simple!
We have been waiting for the rain, so there is little disappointment in being inside. The gardens needed a bit more encouragement, and I expect to see an explosion of sprouting when the rain ceases. It is so tempting to look at plants but we are guided by experience, and caution, knowing weather is fickle.
My three days a week into town has seriously hindered my creative projects, unless you count knitting. Even that has slowed a bit, as just walking around the yard is so much fun in the Spring.
Midsomer Murders Set 16 DVD   In the late afternoons I have taken up a new habit of watching Midsomer Murders on Netflix, and knitting whilst I watch the Brits murder and deduce the perps. But with no finished objects to show, I have neglected the blog. But just you wait, making stuff will pick up again.

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  1. What beautiful pictures. you have a lovely view.
    the meal sounds great. I would prefer the frozen yogurt anyway!

  2. Don't you love on Midsomer Murders how there are several murders even after the detectives or on it? I want to tell them, "C'mon, you guys!"

  3. Yum yum...that lunch sound tomato sandwich for lunch today is going to be quite boring compared to yours.....enjoy your day.....

  4. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I have been watching Midsomer Murders on one of our PBS stations. I like him; he's quite a low key and thoughtful man. I also like that the British shows have "real" people in them!!! Not skinny women teetering on spike heels with long, long curly hair flowing all over, and skin tight clothing. I wish we'd have more "real" people in US shows...

  5. Lovely views! It sounds like you have a great menu planned. We love watching Midsomer Murders. I have to agree with adailydoseoffiber about real people-I love how the Brits actually have,gasp, wrinkles, imperfect teeth and they aren't all a size 1.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Another NetFlix Brit murder junkie! I have been watching Ruth Rendell and P.D. James.

    The pink flowered trees are just gorgeous. We will be soon entering the hot hot desert season after enjoying the winter/spring flowers.

  7. Your photos are great! Im a huge fan of Midsomer Murders - we get it on the television most weekday afternoons so its one of my guilty pleasures when I'm not working. Anyway one thing I do know is I'm glad I don't live in the Midsomer area - all those rather unsavoury murderers!!


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