Sunday, March 25, 2012

Buds and Blossoms

In between rain showers I took a walk with the Dawgs and my camera to record the Spring offerings.
Wood Anemone

This is the big year for our pink dogwood. Now that the shading trees have been removed it has been able to produce tons of blossoms. I am so thrilled to have this colorful tree right outside my window.
Celandine Poppy, a shade loving wildflower
Azalea buds, on five bushes!
Buds are forming so early, that we fear frosts in April. Fingers crossed that is stays warm and we have a really lonnnnggggg Spring.
The clematis are full of buds and so is the snowball bush.
Note the dark skies in the background. It alternated sunny and stormy all day.

Snow on the mountain, in full glory, next to the sprouting iris cristata, which will bloom soom I am sure.

And the wild ferns which we cultivate are unfurling their fronds. So prehistoric looking!

Be careful not to step on the hosta tips. They are so close in color to the earth. These will be big boys, or girls, since this is a Francee variety.

The skies are deep blue, and threatening, but the rains have short bursts, with very little wind. Just right to water all the plants.

And some Dawg pictures, on the deck.


  1. Nice shots! I haven't seen dogwood in bloom since I was very small... lovely! I look forward to more progress reports of Spring in your neck of the woods!

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  3. I'm jealous of your dogwoods! We don't have any in Chicagoland and I miss them so much this time of year. We had pink ones where I grew up but not as bright as yours!

  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Eeeeeeeee, I LOVE it all!


  5. Spring is springing all over! I love the color of those storm cloudy skies with the brilliant green grass!


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