Friday, March 16, 2012

Tutorial: Flirty Skirty

Here's an easy project to make in a jiffy using some of the gorgeous fabric available now at Three Black Sheep Shoppe. I had so much fun making this skirt for a little girl. It uses long quarters, 9x44" of four coordinating Philip Jacobs designs.

It's a simple to sew pattern made from eight identical wedge shaped cuts, using almost the entire width of each quarter yard. This skirt will be made for a 22-23" waist but is easily sized up or down with just a little math. Measure the waist and divide by 8, and this case, 3".  That number will be the top of the eight wedge shapes. The base of the wedge is 8 1/2" plus seam allowance,  1/4" around all edges for serger sewing or 1/2" for conventional machines. The length of the wedge is approximately 22".
Here's the pattern drawn out on pattern paper, but any large paper will do, or even muslin.

Carefully press and layer all four pieces together, right sides up and pin pattern piece close to the bottom edge of the selvedge.
Remember to add seam allowance!

It's easy to add the seam allowance with a quilter's ruler, and to use a rotary cutter and mat to cut the wedges.

Cut the four wedges, remove the pattern paper, repin on the remaining fabric, and cut the second four wedges. Here are the two sets of four identical wedges, ready to start sewing.

Fold one wedge in half lengthwise (right sides together) so the wider bottom edges line up.
Stitch the edge together. Repeat with the remaining wedges.

Open the stitched end and turn to the right side.  A triangular pointed end is the result. Press carefully.

Then turn the raw edge of the triangle under and press again.

Topstitch the folded edge, using a conventional machine, or blind hem stitch, using matching thread.

The topstitching is barely visible on the right side. Repeat with the remaining wedges.
Line up two wedges in different prints, right sides together, and stitch along the length of one side of the wedge. If a conventional machine is used, this would be a good time to also finish the sewn-together raw edges, with a narrow zig- zag stitch.

Repeat with the remaining wedges.

Notice how the prints of the two halves of the skirt are arranged the same.

Sew the four front wedges to the back four wedges and finish the raw edge along the waist.

Fold the top edge (casing) over to accommodate waistband elastic.
Sew the casing down, leaving an opening for the elastic. Thread the elastic through the casing.

Overlap and sew the edges of the elastic, and then sew the opening closed.

The finished skirt measures about 20" in length. The inside points are visible when worn, but of course are nicely finished on both sides.


  1. This is fantastic :) I am going to be making one of these for my soon as I can decide which fabrics to use. Thank you.

  2. I Just love the colors, and thank you so much for the instructions. It is very easy to follow :)

  3. I just caught up on the week - you are making some pretty things! I love the skirt and the spring cardigan you made. And Dave needs to understand there's a difference between "girly" and "seriously gorgeous in a manly way" b/c deep, dark colors are definitely not girly. Geez... I'm also thrilled for you that you're doing regular exercise and reaping results. Have a marvelous day. :-)


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