Thursday, March 15, 2012

I didn't see this coming...

After knitting yesterday I dropped by Kmart, for something...can't remember what, and strayed into the outdoor furniture department. I saw this sign that said Lazy-boy recliner, and I thought I would sit down and try one out. I lie back, lifted the foot pad and was a goner. Then I further tilted and went all the way back, just like the dentist's chair. I gotta tell you, I love the dentist's chair. Feet up, head down, middle further down, and so ready to nap. It was love at first sit. But eoouwww I hated the color of the cushions. And really...who wants chairs like this for outdoors? Um. Well. Me I guess. But what about the price? And do I need, no, NEED them?
The price on the chair was $399 but then I saw the deadly sale price...$279. O geesh.
Then I looked at the cushions, which were easily removeable and so easy to recover, including the foot pads which are velcroed! I could make new ones anytime I wanted to change (immediately) them.
I chatted with another shopper and then he decided to buy a different set, which were lots more money and not as nice, so the Hour of Decision was upon me. I thought I could just show Dave online, but that's not the same as sitting in what the heck, I said "I'll take two!" I can always return them, I figured.
But I also knew Dave would say he wanted them...and I was so right.
Here is a photo of them in the living room, half extended. I'd have to be sitting in it to get it to go all the way back, and let me just say, getting out of it in this position was no easy trick.
This is position makes it possible to stay awake. All the way back, not so much.
Part B: We unloaded them from the van onto the deck and in the bright sunlight the color wasn't so nasty. I kinda liked it. Then we decided that they could go in the living room and with the seaglass walls, they looked right at home. Kinda. Anyway, they are staying right there. We watched TV in total comfort and the dawgs managed to jump up on our laps, and cuddled easily. The fabric is outdoor stuff so it can easily be washed, which of course with our dirty dawgs is a must. They have their own couch, doncha know.
I never thought I would ever buy Lazy-boy chairs. We must really be old farts now.
How's the diet going, you ask? Here I am in my size 12 jeans! Smaller butt and flatter tummy. Legs still short however. Damn.
Working on the ham shank arms today at Jazzercize.
I am not eating the following: pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, cookies, any sugar or flour, chocolate, popcorn, pizza, WINE, beer, hard liquor...all the stuff that made me fat. I'll weigh myself at the end of the month, but I am sure I have more to lose, but I won't be going all the way down to size 8 like I did last time. I mean, good health is the goal. And I am already there now!

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  1. ....while I too could fall asleep in a dentist's chair (provided he left me the Heck alone...) - my comment is prompted by the absolutely perfect description of me in a sleeveless shirt: ham shank arms!

  2. Congrats on your fabulous weight loss and your lovely lazy-boys! I didn't know they made them in outdoor furniture and we're looking for some new outdoor furniture as our is about 17 years old. lol

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    P.S. I am aiming for a size 12 which I guess is bigger than your goal size, but at 5'7" maybe it'll look the same. :) Size 16 now - four more sizes to go!

  3. Wow, I admire your dedication and applaud your weight loss.
    And lucky you, finding those chairs. I love it when that happens.

  4. Hmmmm..... we have a Lazy Boy store nearby... haven't been in it for awhile, 'cause they were SOOOOO expensive! And we don't have KMart here, but I would love to find a nice, comfy chair to replace my oversized one that always makes my back hurt! As for the weight loss, hearty congrats! I'm on the same path, and have lost 18 pounds since October... no change in my clothing size, but I wear pants with elastic waist band to allow for shrink/grow capability! I'm happy with my progress, and like you, am aiming for good health, energy, etc. Wish I could get hubby on the diet/exercise wagon too!

  5. Looking good, Mel! We are on diet-exercise routines too and it is feeling great. Question about Tuesday's cardigan - I know I should be able to just do it, but do you know of a tutorial? Thanks!

  6. Lookin' good Mel. I hate looking at my lazyboys which are just as contemporary as yours but they are great to watch TV or read in. I rat holed them away in my studio along with the flat screen so "people" won't see them - like I have visitors - ha!

  7. It sounds like you have scored on all fronts. congratulations.

  8. I love my recliner, and so do the doggies. The minute I get in it in the evening, its their signal to 'attack' (get in my lap.) It is big enough for all three of us. I love the look of those in your house.

    Fantastic job on the diet. How are you going to maintain? Are you going to let some or all of those foods back into your life?

  9. It may be great for some time to be losing weight in this way, but remember to get back to wholemeal products some time; vitamin B is so essential, and you can't replace it by yeast, I tried that and got heavy problems. I have kept eating bread and noodles, and I lost 3 sizes of trousers by cutting down on sugar only!

  10. we had lazyboy chairs once, and when we moved we sold them. Wish we hadn't. They were great, sometimes if I had a bad cold I would sleep in one so I could breathe easier. Next time we buy lounge furniture I'd like at least one lazyboy.

  11. That is one long list of stuff NOT to eat... what ARE you eating?
    (Fat Terri would like to know.)

  12. That's such a great way to buy furniture; you just happen to spot it and know it will work. So much better than knowing you want something and then hunting all over for it.

  13. Todays blog made me smile from start to finish. Love the chairs and wish I had one too. Potatoes and dark chocolate will not make you fat. That said great job on decreased size. Cutting up sweatshirts is so satisfying. They need to be remodeled to show their true beauty. Tell Dave that the vest shows off his manly muscles. and the color is perfect for him.

  14. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Honestly you do make me laugh! I went into a Lazyboy last year and did like a few things. Ended up buying leather recliners at a department store outlet. Having recliners IS an old fart thing, I think! When my DH cranks back in his, at any angle, I know he'll be asleep in minutes...enjoy!

  15. How nice that you found comfortable chairs. I sat in a leather recliner (an expensive one) at a furniture store and I didn't want to get up. Mr. B bought it for me next day! I'm sitting in it now! It is perfect for my bad back.

  16. Congrats on the weight loss. No easy task! I finally picked up a book I've had for awhile called The Belly Fat Cure. The main premise is sugar restriction and low carbs. I've been paying closer attention to the sugar content in foods. I didn't realize that milk and OJ, 2 of my staples, had so much sugar!

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