Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wine Tote


Last week at Knitting my friend Judy brought me a gift for my birthday. Her birthday is Monday of next week, so I decided to 'remember' her day early. What could I bring a gal who loves purses? A purse of sorts for wine!

There is a great in depth sewing tutorial here. Of course I had to do it my way. Anything that requires binding is not my idea of fun. This one was! I got out my nicely organized scraps (not kidding...I put them away nicely for once) and got right to it. It was good to get my hands on fabric and batting again. I quilted it in the morning and put on the handle after lunch.
Then I went right back to knitting, making sock #2 for another orphan pair.

I got an email asking if we are going to do another session of Quilt Along With Melody (QAWM) this year? I almost forgot about doing it, and was glad for the reminder. It will be for the whole month of February and I will be thinking about the project ideas for a couple of weeks and will announce it several times prior to February 1st.

You can bet I will be dreaming quilt designs tonight...


  1. Lucky, lucky friend! I'm sure she'll be thrilled and awed!!
    And..I'm looking forward to Feb!

  2. Would you mind sharing how you finished the wine tote without the binding? I love this!

  3. When you said binding is no fun, my heart jumped for joy! I agree! Looking at this wine tote gave me an idea for an alternative to binding but I would be interested to know how you did it too.

    I also went to my calendar and made a note for next November to remind me to consider making this for my wine-drinking friends for Christmas. Thank you!

  4. looks a useful holder for knitting needles, too

  5. Those are fab! I know what I'm making for everyone's birthday this year! I wondering if you were to use the the insulated batting for oven mitts if it would also help keep the wine cool?????

    cheers and thanks for sharing

  6. Oh my gosh, I love this version! Did you just slide the "handle" fabric down over the unfinished top and quilt it down?


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