Thursday, January 05, 2012

and there was LIGHT !

I am Ssssso HAPPY with the new light fixtures and the brightness that I now have in my studio.
Here the room is still messed up from the installation. I just couldn't wait to take photos of the glowing lights.
Of course this doesn't show how much brighter these are than the previous lights, which are being recycled into the garage, garage attic, and potting shed, which never had more than a bare lightbulb before. We are all moving into the light!

We also moved some of the track lights to better positions, including one right over my sewing machine.
The track lights are pretty much for that imagined cocktail party/gallery event in my studio that never happened.
Maybe someday it will.

One reason the original lights didn't cut it was that the ceiling and the width of the room overwhelmed the smaller fixtures, and of course they were placed down the center going parallel to the work areas instead of at right angles. Now these larger fixtures hold four bulbs instead of two and reach the full width of the room.
The ceiling was originally this darker beige and the lights got installed before we repainted. Now we have some patching and painting to do, as you can see.

Why would anyone want a dark beige ceiling?Ugh.

Besides being able to due surgery in this room, I am also now able to see the true colors of my fabrics, and yarns without having to walk to the window or flip on the halogen lamp.
And I can take photos of my quilts without extra lights or a flash.Sigh. So wonderful!

And even more important, I can work much later in the day and not feel as fatigued. I'm telling you, you cannot be depressed in this screaming bright room.
Now I am really excited about getting back to the fabric...


  1. Along with the light theme - thank you for the tip on the great floor lamp. I just love it! One "caution" on having great studio lighting - I have 3 ceiling fixtures with full spectrum lights, which is great and easy on the eyes - but sometimes I don't notice how late it's getting and forget to go to bed! haha Happy New Year!

  2. Light makes such a difference. My room overlooks the street in front of our house and gets great morning sun in the winter.

  3. The studio looks fantastic. It is truly a bright and cheerful place. The lighting really does make a difference. My studio is in a spare bedroom=m, so I just have the regular overhead light. I think I will look into something different. I can't work very much after dark either.

  4. It's a beautiful room that sets off your beautiful work. Lovely!

  5. Melody, where did you get that tract light with the hanging lamp?

  6. Fantastic space and lights. It has to be inspiring.

  7. Wow, great studio, and very nice light!!

  8. Amazing! Now I want to totally relight my sewing room!

  9. Fabulous studio, I envy you.

  10. OK, I've got to work out ways to bring more light into my sewing room. You'd think there would be enough - I've got windows all along one wall - but the ceiling is wood (can't change that because I'm in a loft and the ceiling here is the same as the ceiling over the living room). Must have more overhead lighting!!!
    Thanks Melody - you have inspired me!

  11. Love your white studio and bright lights. I went to Home Depot to buy replacement bulbs for my studio, 150 watt indoor floods, and they have nothing brighter than 90 watts. I want BRIGHT! And all their bulbs are made in China. Will have to try other places. Nancy


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