Sunday, January 08, 2012

Saturday at Home

I saw these potholders on Pinterest and LOVED them.
Here's the tutorial.
I have the same fabric in pink with white dots, so I dropped everything and ran to make them.

Now I can wash my other potholders! The new ones will stay clean much longer as I have put baking on hiatus, til the evidence of my previous baking has left my figure.
I decided to do concentric quilting, starting in the center. Fast and uneven, but hey, these are utilitarian objects... I used selvedge for the contrasting loops.
My kitchen has no color scheme, so these are perfect in there.

I recently had to denude my walls of quilts as I will be having nine of them in a show at the Anderson Art Center in Kenosha WI, later this month until March. I'll have the dates when the opening happens.

Bare walls don't stay bare long, so I raided the Closet of Unsold Art, and brought out these historic pieces to fill in the gaps.
Ringcycle #3 (I think).

At the end of the room we (meaning Dave got on the ladder) hung Sunrise Sky, made in 2003.
I was sure it was much older than nine years. I haven't seen this quilt in ages, and was amazed how nicely it goes with our wall color.

Here's a better view.

The Guest room had to have something limey, so I found Bradford Copse #2 and
Dancing Diamonds #3 to hang there.

And there was a quilt over the commode (doncha love that euphemism) and it was replaced by the chair painting.


  1. All look fantastic!! And if I stayed in your guest room, I wouldn't mind vacuuming one bit!

  2. OMG! They are beautiful and timeless. Someone is going to want to do a show of these, now! I can't wait to hear more about the Kenosha show. I lived there for a couple of years in the early 60s and am so surprised about all the galleries there! Hopefully someone will get some good shots of the show.

  3. Love the pot holders, and the green walls in the bedroom. I will definitely vacuum when I come to stay.

  4. All the art is awesome! And I LOVE the shot of the pugs on the sofa, the look like they are so tired of the paparazzi!

  5. Question--How do you hang your quilts? I've tried various ways and am not really happy with any of them. I want to be able to switch them in and out seasonally, monthly or whenever.

  6. Love the piece over the sofa! That is some bright guest room. I wouldn't mind vacuuming if I could spend some time in your studio. I'll bet people would pay to spend a few days with you! I bought Pokey Bolton's book and look forward to working with fabric now that my photography exhibit has opened. Nancy

  7. The historic quilts look lovely too. I think the chair painting over the commode is cute.

  8. No wondery have people stopping by to have a tour of your house.

  9. Potholders. I've been pondering potholders. Here is my question: why do potholders always have a loop? I've never hung up my potholders. I don't have anyplace to hang them. I put mine in a terracotta flower pot by the stovetop.
    I really want to make potholders, but the thought of putting on a loop always stumps me. Do you think potholders really need hanging loops?


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