Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hurray! New Stairs!

I neglected to get a 'before' picture of the icky old stairs, so I had to crop this from another shot that focused on something else in the room. Notice the shredded corners? Dawgs love to chew, especially Chester. Then Chumley has to join in and then of course they eat the strings and have to throw up. Grrr.

But that's all over now! Yay! O how I love these new stairs. They will be painted, but for now they are walkable and I can get back into the studio without having to walk around ladders and saws, and extension cords. Everything has a thin film of sawdust on it, so I will be cleaning alot today.

In keeping with using what we have, we disassembled our big dining room table (out to the garage) and brought the IKEA pedestal table back to the dining room, where it takes up much less space. And really, we mostly used the big table as a place to pile up maybe now, will less surface, less will pile up. Am I dreaming or what?
I like the smaller table in front of the window for birdwatching,  and will sew some colorful tablecloths to brighten this spot in the big room. 1.5 yards of 54" wide fabric makes it. I already looked to see if I had anything in the stash that would work...nope. I feel a little online shopping coming on!

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  1. Judy Morningstar9:20 AM

    Nice stairs!
    You could patchwork a tablecloth out of cottons you already have. Just design it for a circle rather than a square or rectangle. Wonky log cabin-ish that starts with an octagon would be easy. Unless, of course, you need a shopping fix. You could have thin batting on the back, or flannel, or something ugly you wonder why you bought. Or maybe you have a small UFO that could get pieces added to the sides.

  2. O Judy, that is WAY TOO MUCH WORK and besides, our tablecloths are notoriously stained with coffee, spaghetti and grease spots. I am planning on washing these often, so they need to be durable.

  3. The new stairs look spiffy and I am glad to hear we are not the only couple that has "put stuff on the table" habits!

  4. We have a bird feeder just outside our breakfast nook window. The birds don't always show up at breakfast time, but there's always something entertaining going on in the yard.

  5. Leigh5:52 PM

    New stairs look great, good luck with the table! If you are anything like me that pile of stuff will find another home on a counter or even the floor.

  6. I like the IKEA table and the space it frees up. I wish I lived near a store.


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