Monday, December 12, 2011

Handspun Heaven

I've had this gorgeous handspun yarn for two years and repeatedly tried to pair it with other yarns, even going so far as to dye yarn to add to it, but nothing could compare to this quality. Finally it dawned on me to use it alone, and of course that is when it worked out just right. Speaking of just right, when I came to the end, I had used all but eight inches.
 It is merino and tencel, and light as a feather. All the colors in it make it work with anything in the wardrobe.

Is there someone on your gift list, like even you, that would treasure this all weather shawl/scarf? I am offering it just for the price of the yarn, $88. Email me. Sold

Dave and I enjoyed our anniversary weekend, with a great dinner at home, and a good movie on dvd, The Lincoln Lawyer. While I knit, he painted some of his bedroom furniture orange and then we rearranged and removed stuff until his room was the tidy and cozy bed-sitter it was meant to be. Then he enjoyed a group cuddle.
Everybody say Fromage!

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  1. The wrap is beautiful! The group photo is perfect. They all look pretty content.

  2. Melody -- I am so in love with the yarns you've been using lately, so scrumptious. Pink lemonade is so sweet. And those newest hand-dyes, well... If you decide to start making socks again, a scrappy pair from all those yummy bits would make a girl very happy :-D

  3. Happy anniversary! I also just watched Lincoln Lawyer--good movie!
    Martha Ginn


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