Monday, November 14, 2011

A Lotta White Stuff

Saturday morning I got on the road early to be at my sister's apartment at 7:30. She was ready so we popped in the car and were in Atlanta at IKEA by 9:20, ten minutes before the doors opened! Breakfast in their cafeteria was first on our agenda and then it was a massive shopping spree. I had the empty van and everything we wanted to get would fit in it. And miracle of miracles, everything we wanted to buy was IN STOCK. Amazing.
We got five tall skinny bookcases and one regular sized one. Then a desk for my niece Glory and a bed and nightstand, not pictured. Not in the catalog and not online either. However, my sister dreamt it before we saw it, and altho we were planning on a white bed, when we saw the black curly iron daybed, it was kismet.  Brooke will have pictures on her site soon.

My exciting purchases, not, were a new dishdrainer and replacement towels. Sigh. I wanted to buy lots more stuff, but I have no place to put any of it, so nevermind. I like living pared down, but I am still attracted to having shelves, tables and chairs that I don't need.
And then I saw these curtains, and while I did make my own, I was never happy with the resulting look and really had to have these, which are way more opaque and hang so much better, and I like them and that's that.

And then I fell dumbstruck at this kitchen display. O if only...
I love a white kitchen, and wish my house could include this great layout. All that counter space and all those drawers. O my. If I gave up my studio and made it into a kitchen I would have enough room. But what would I need a space this big for? It's not like I have people traipsing through all the time that I need to feed. Nevermind.

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  1. I was there a month or so back and had to drag my friend Jan out of the very same kitchen...she was POSSESSED by it! Me, not so much.

  2. I get the same feeling when we go to Ikea. Clean lines and bright spaces. Then I remember that I'm only cooking occasionally now.
    However, when we build the new addition for the kids in the spring, I'll get a new and larger kitchen and an office/sewing studio so Ikea may just be the answer.

  3. I think the main reason this kitchen looks so amazing - besides that wowie green cabinet, love it! - it the fact that nobody lives there. No clutter!

  4. I wish we had an Ikea close to where I live but central Nebraska is just to un-populated I think to support a store. I also wish for a Container Store close by but that could be dangerous as I love storage containers and systems like I love fabric.

  5. I love Ikea stuff, but I'm at least a 2 day from one.
    I continually order uncatalogued but every time I try to order something it's an item they can't ship. Oh well.
    I like the clean look of the white and especially your new drapes.

  6. I love IKEA. I am so lucky that there is one less than 4 miles from me, and when my home is less than tidy...I can visit IKEA and enjoy their tidiness! The fact that they have the absolute best towels and a gazillion other necessary things is a bonus for me. When I lived in NC, I had to make yearly pilgrimages to the Atlanta IKEA store armed with my own lists and those of friends who drooled over the catalog I shared with them. I know you and Bethany had a great time!

  7. I love those pull out shelves!! Woo Hoo! And I actually think the strainer is cool.

  8. I have an unreasoning love for the pull out pantries and wire drawers seen in various kitchen places. OMG. I just stand there opening the cupboard and closing it and watching the WHOLE SHELF/PANTRY come with the door.... One day my kitchen will have that but not for a while yet.


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