Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun Times

Here's Chester with 'THE BALL' which is his big trick. He loves keep away games and brings us balls, hats, shoes, whatever, to show us he has the thing and we can't have it. His curly tail waves vigorously at the same time, and he prances away, knowing we can't possibly catch him. We ask ( over and over again) Who has the ball? which he loves. He circles back and forth between us, so proud that it is he that has the ball.  Then he finds Chumley, usually snoring on the couch, and tempts him to play ball, sometimes allowing him to nip a tiny portion and then it's tug o' war, with loads of ferocious growling. We are amused for hours, and wonder how we ever lived without these characters.

When we were at my sister's for Thanksgiving our niece Glory brought out her ukelele and sang a few ditties. Dave was so eager to try her mini version and strummed a few chords, and I knew he was hooked. Yesterday this box arrived from Amazon.
Epiphone Les Paul Acoustic/Electric UkuleleAn acoustic/electric uke! O my. It is the Les Paul version and to Dave this looks less like a toy and more like a real professional instrument. My 'all night shopper' also ordered a Ukelele Song a Day book, 365 songs to learn. I can't believe there is such a thing as an electric uke. But there you go.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    It could be worse, you know. There are double-neck electric guitars, banjos, ukeleles... Watching performers playing them is like nothing else on earth. Canadian country music star Steve Puto owns a five-neck instrument that includes guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle necks -- with a harmonica mounted on the fiddle body, for good measure.

  2. Oh the Ukelele is such fun! I've never enjoyed a concert so much as a night with the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain
    Such spirit, such life...who can listen to the sound of a uke wihtout smiling? What fun you are going to have!

  3. Sharon12:45 PM

    Our dog does the same thing with her ball/bone. She loves to tease us and then run off into another room waiting for us to chase after her. Love it! Well it looks like Dave can now serenade you every day of the lucky are you?!?

  4. My brother used to play one in high school. He made up crazy songs and sang them while he played. My brother is gone now, so this was a nice memory for me.

  5. What would we ever do without our doggies to entertain us?

  6. Good for Dave - an active mind is a happy mind! Just make him play under earplugs; no noise for Melody and the doggies. Speaking of which, your dogs are terminally cute. :-)

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