Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wet Night

I was already fast asleep when little Chester hopped into my bed and began to scratch and whimper. Fleas...stinkin' fleas.
He was in total misery and nothing but a good fleabath would relieve his itch.
I turned on the light and groaned. It was 12:01.
Nevertheless, sleep would not be returning anytime soon, so I got up and gave him a good scrubbing in the kitchen sink.
Earlier the same evening, while my sister and her family were out, the toilet broke and began to spray water everywhere, for the hours they were away. I cannot imagine the mess they had to clean up last night and continuing on to today. Oy. And it continues to rain. Water everywhere...Glad I have my knitting group to attend.

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  1. The last time we had to go refill our dogs Heartguard meds, we asked what they had for fleas. Well they have this product out now called does heart guard and fleas too! It is pricey, but so worth it. It even got the fleas out of the house that were starting to show up, by them jumping on the dogs, and getting killed. So spend the money, and it will save you money and sleep and save Chester misery in the long run too.

  2. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Frontline has been great for our doggie (and for us)! Haven't seen a flea or tick since we starting using it.

  3. Nancy H10:14 AM

    Melanie, I have been dog person all of my life, Advantage and Frontline the best thing that has every happened for dogs. I have a Bassett Hound now and use the Frontline every 2 months and even being in Florida I don't get any fleas in the house or on the dog

  4. What an adorable photo. He looks like "I got in some trouble but the mama dog is taking care of it".

  5. Poor Chester! He seems to be enjoying his flea bath though. I used Frontline for ages but recently discovered Pet Armor at Walmart. It's suppose to be the same as Frontline but it costs about $20 less. I've only used it for a couple of months but it seems to be working. Of course, we've been in a drought until recently so fleas may be dead but nevertheless so far so good.

    I notice you have a Sony clock on your window sill exactly like one I own, and the window sill formica (or whatever it is) is exactly the same as two of the countertop tables in my studio. As the saying goes, "Great minds think alike." Have a great day! D~~~~

  6. Corinne11:30 AM

    It's a water thing, clearly. I'm on holiday at the moment - at the seaside (odd timing usually for such a break in the UK). Anyway, water and I don't mix, or should I say we mix too well? I fell into the sea, backwards up to my armpits, fully clothed, and then we had to walk the mile back to our rented cottage!! My (gallant -usually) husband saw all this but didn't help because he didn't want to get his feet wet!!! Ah well, at least I won't get fleas!

  7. Poor Chester! Poor you! I know that midnight bath drama all too well. At our house it's usually skunk spray, and you feel so bad for them!

  8. It's a tough time of year for fleas...I hope the midnight dip took care of the problem!

  9. LynneP2:42 PM

    You are such a good mommy!

  10. Oh boy, not fun! Once we moved into a house that had them in the carpets form the dogs even though all the rugs were cleaned.
    I hope to-night goes better.

  11. We use Advantix on our 2 dogs. No fleas at all. Used to be we were covered in them. Give it a try you will love it. Once a month and no more fleas. I have long hair dogs.

  12. Mechelle11:10 AM

    I use Advantage Multi on my Cocker and we have never had fleas - living in FL that is really saying something! It has flea killer & heart worm preventer so its pricy but SO worth it not to have fleas! Good Luck getting rid of the nasty buggers!


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