Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On a Mission to Finish

At last this pullover is finished and being blocked. This is a great weight off my shoulders. Originally I agreed to join a knit-along with my friends from the knit group, but then I didn't like parts (or the directions) of the chosen pattern and decided to use a similar one with the same basic structure.
When I nearly was finished , I tried it on and hated it, so I frogged it. Rip it, rip it.
I dug out this pattern, The Pacific Grove Pullover and began anew.
The yarn, which I bought on Ebay is about 20 years old and is cotton/acrylic, worked up nicely, but all the way through I thought it might be a bit tight in the finished product. When I was finished knitting it, I was right, I looked like Tits O'Toole, so into the sink it went to be washed and blocked. The wash water revealed the 20 years of whatever in the yarn and I was so glad I decided to wash it out. Yuck.
Blocking it to larger dimensions was easily accomplished and I'm waiting for it to dry today, while it rains. I am a loose knitter and this pattern relaxed to just the right size. Phew!

Now here's the thing. Because I was way behind the rest of the knitalong group, I felt compelled to get this out of the way so I could return to other stuff I was planning to knit. Plus I couldn't really get into the studio and back to my quilt until I had gotten this project finished. I don't know when this habit began but I must concentrate on one thing until it is done and then do the next.
Exception: the laundry.

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  1. Beautiful design! Wish I could wear sweaters, but they are too warm for me! As for finishing one project before starting another... an admirable quality. Never seems to work that way for me, but most of the time I get most of my projects done in pretty much the order I started them in. I was a multi-tasker in my job for many years, and had to learn to put one down when another bumped up the priority list... I'm still pretty much that way!

  2. Your sweater is beautiful.

    Good thing you don't feel the same way bat laundry.....it is never done.

  3. Love the pattern! A timeless sweater! Seriously - you do ONE project at a time? I have over 150 quilt-related UFOs - talk about an "illness"! Guess I really need to get rid of some of the UFOs and focus!! ugh!

  4. Beautiful sweater! I love the lines.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Yikes ! the laundry ! when did I start that load....Sumday?? time to move it to the dryer....

    love your one project at a time example.....

  6. You have a beautiful hand for knitting...it has shaped up so well...the designs are beautifully thrown away in beautiful colors.


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