Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scrap Storage

I was asked to write about how I store my fused scraps.

This is how it really looks when I am working. A tornado passed through maybe? It all does clean up pretty well, but my system is far from perfect. I wish I could say that I keep my scraps (and rolls of fused fabric) in some sort of organized fashion, but alas, I don't. My scraps have grown to fill three Trofast containers (IKEA) and fit miraculously in my Craig's List armoire.

And I have two big Rubbermaids which hold cotton and silks, separately. That's it for my post on scrap storage. Surely someone has a better idea?

PS: And here's some Dawgs for you too....

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  1. I use really (I mean REALLY) inexpensive drawers from Ikea - They were $40 each I think, and I have four of them along the back wall of my sewing room and four of them stacked back to back under the long part of my sewing table.

    You can see a peek of them in this post:

    They're really great - I lubs them!

  2. One of life's little problems, isn't it!

    I keep all the very little bits in ziplock bags so a can squish the air out of them and they take up less room, and the slightly larger bits folded so the cut edges are inside, then rolled up into "table napkin" shapes. Then I can see at a glance what I have . . . and that last precisely five seconds into the next project.

    But I do feel virtuous while they're tidy!

  3. I attempt to keep my scraps sorted into colours and each colour into a large zip-lock bag. And they look lovely and tidy but...they sit on top of the huge, untidy plastic box full of scraps yet to be sorted. So when you find that better way, let me know too!

  4. Oooo! So simple. THANK YOU DARLIN! I was making it way more complicated than I needed to. I REALLY appreciate the visuals!!

    Plus we are getting ready to move to France in 6 months -- a permanent move and I of course NEED and MUST take all my studio supplies!

    But with shipping hovering around $50 a box, I want to remove as much air from my packing as possible -- and I currently have my large and medium-sized pieces of fused fabric rolled on paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes and placed in those flat-ish under-bed semi-clear storage bins...

    ...because somewhere along the line I made up a story that creasing or folding fused fabrics was a no-no. Melody, is this true?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated for packing my stash in as tight a zone as possible. Not ready to pack yet -- that will come in March, but I a think-aheader!

    BIG thanks!!


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