Saturday, October 01, 2011

A New Month, A Fresh Start

In order to get going again in the studio, I have to clear the decks, put everything away from the previous projects and then I am ready to begin something new. The bed quilts from this summer are all safely tucked into a chest of drawers and now I am back to making wall quilts. All the time I was piecing I was making notes and sketches for the other kind of work I usually do and so I have a zillion ideas to wade through and decide about.
There is an empty space in my living room that calls out for a colorful piece, so I might take aim at that. No sense planning too much, or the thrill of discovery is lost.

Out comes all the fused fabrics, cotton, silks, and even fused cheesecloth. I am armed and ready. I find the weekend is always a good time to start something new, a habit that extends from when I worked full time at non-art jobs and had only the weekend to make art.
Glad those days are long gone!
Funny thing about this summer and all the work I was a learning experience but it also made me feel less of an artist because I was focused on technique, and just couldn't get past that aspect. It dug into my confidence and I felt 'less than' instead of my artist self. My sister reminded me of something so important, and it is that 'Only you can make what you make'. When I was making those other quilts, I felt that they could have been made by anyone else. Part of that was the print fabric, and part is the design, which I confess, I didn't pay ANY attention to. I will now.
In the spirit of starting fresh, I unknit the sweater I was diddling with all summer and got going on a new and better version. Now that's me!
And funny, it gave me just the bump in confidence that was needed. This is the Pacific Grove Pullover from
My studio mates, snoring away.

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  1. I'm curious about the 4 white things holding your table legs up. I use the pvc pipe method to add height to my table. What are you using?

  2. Those are bed risers, either from Target or Ikea.

  3. Happy October, Melody!

  4. Celeste Wegner11:23 AM

    You rock, girl!! Inspiration will hit soon.

  5. I love that sweater. I've been doing a lot of ripping out lately too.
    It's funny how you see something so clearly afterwards, but not while you're in the middle of it. (I'm referring to your quilting this summer.) I loved it all anyway!

  6. Aaaaah beautiful colours laid out, ready to start .... It looks like the cotton scrim also has "wonder under" on it ?!?!

  7. I am glad you took a break from your beautiful art quilts...I learned a new technique! But I am ecstatic that we will get to see more of what you do so well.

    I knit the Heartbeat sweater from Jill and love it. Can't wait to see the PGP finished.

  8. If I could create fabrics like that it would be the biggest crowning achievement I keep praying for. When I try to blend colors I get mud.

  9. Pacific Grove ... I'd love to live there! October must be "changing" for lots of us: I did a post sorta the same. I love love love the fused cheesecloth.....must go play now....thanks for the inspiration!!!

  10. Joyce9:17 PM

    I don't agree that anyone could do what you've been doing lately...I think creating a quilt is an artist endeavor for anyone. Your work clearly refelects who you are and what you like. Please do not let us think that if we do not creat a certain type of work it is not art. There were so many wonderful quilters you showcased during this time...their work is truely artful too. As always, thanks for sharing and opening new doors Melody.

  11. Melody, what are your cutting table legs sitting in? I have mine in cut PCV pipe, but this look much more stable? You can email me directly at



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