Tuesday, September 13, 2011

QAYG: Adding Wide Borders

Debby O'Keefe sent me these.
Before I get to the QAYG I wanted to show you two postcards,  sent by the lovely and talented Debby, of quilts from the new book by Gwen Marston called 37 Sketches. Altho I have not yet seen the book, judging by these postcards, I WANNA! Aren't they super fun? Small works for sure, I am guessing maybe 10-12 inches  high, and loaded with wonkitude! So inspiring. Get her book from her website www.gwenmarston.com

 I am adding a rather traditional border to this start and would you believe this is the first time I have ever done something like this? Old dog learns new tricks. This technique is so cool and works like a dream.

1.The left border is attached and the top and backing for the right border is sewn on but I haven't attached the batting yet. 
2. My next step is to cut a piece of batting and zigzag it to the seam allowance of the attached top and backing. No overlapping, just butting it up against the seam allowance. It is smooth and unnoticeable from the front.
3.Flip the top and backing out of the way of course, zigzag the batting strip to the seam and then flip back and front over the attached batting and quilt!
NO CONNECTOR STRIP REQUIRED with this technique. In this case a  connector strip would have been out of place next to this border and center piece.
I learned this from Marianne at www.thequiltingedge.com in her Log Cabin tutorial (see top of her blog page for all tutorials). I am repeating all of this for new readers which seem to be showing up in droves, Hi Y'all!

Next to the quilt on the wall is some leftover Marimekko cotton from years ago. I think it needs to be added to this quilt, somehow. Perfect colors no?
And thanks for all the words of encouragement you sent me yesterday. I am taking them to heart and back to being myself again. Which is all I ever could be anyway. ha!
Here' a moment of good behavior from the dawgs.
Wait, my eyes aren't focusing yet.

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  1. LOVE the border! I've strip pieced that sort of zig zaggy border before and loved it - no why haven't I used it again? Chris

  2. I thank you for posting your moment of self-doubt.

    I get exactly the same feeling, when I look at great work. That sinking "whoa, why do I even bother?" feeling.

    WHen you posted, I thought "WOW. If *Melody Johnson* can feel that way, it must happen to absolutely everyone, even the best of the best, and I should totally ignore it and forge ahead!"

    Thank you for that encouragement!


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