Monday, September 12, 2011

Lazy Weekend

 Although the triangle strips aren't sewn yet, I am confident they will fit the sides of the log cabin center. I am not keeping the corner blocks, which look dopey and clumsy. I could add them to my box of other dopey looking blocks.

My friend Mary sent me links to three amazing quilters (see below) and I completely lost confidence in my own abilities and direction and thought what in the world I am doing?
I have spent my whole career talking about how easy it is to do intricate looking designs easily by fusing and then to see what these artists do, by piecing unimaginably tiny bits to form these wonderful quilts, well, they knocked me over into a deep hole, and I covered me over with a ton of self pity.
I am SO OVER IT NOW. But it put a halt to working in the studio. And may I say, Mary's work is just as fabulous, intricate and dazzling as these artists, but when one looks at the number of gorgeous quilts all in one gulp, it overwhelms. (Mary's Flickr stream)

And now your weekend Dawgs
Dave tries to take a nap...with dawgs. ha!

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  1. I'm glad you are over it, because you are an incredible artist! Recently read a quote that applies here, though I don't remember who said it, "Comparison is the thief of joy." True, huh?

  2. One of the things that has always inspired me about your work was the very fact that you did fused designs! I decided a long time ago that I do not have the patience to do intricate pieced designs. This is for quilters who enjoy piecing. Fusing is for those of us who can't sit still that long, see a design in our heads that translates well with fusing, and run with it! To compare your work with pieced work is like comparing Van Gogh to a more traditional artist... his work is not like theirs, it is his alone! He also happens to be one of my favorite artists, and I would love to be able to paint like he did! But he inspires me to be free in my work, just like you inspire me to use a technique that is less traditional, but oh so satisfying! Don't stop, 'kay?
    And tell the dawgs they aren't lap dogs! My cats do that too, but they weigh a lot less! Poor Dave...;->

  3. I'm a little afraid to go to the links because I get a little overwhelmed looking at your work - and why dig myself in any deeper?

    I agree with both of the posters above - it's good to look and admire but not compare.

    Now if I could only follow my own advice! Keep going - love your stuff. Chris

  4. LynneP8:59 AM

    You seem to have such amazing self-confidence and self-awareness in your art ability. I am glad to know that you wrestle with the same demons I do. Glad to hear you are over the comparison thing...that is truly a destroyer of joy. Keep on truckin.....

    Fab photo of Dave and the dawgs...what a wonderful bunch!

  5. I'm so glad you're over it. While those artists do beautiful work, I much prefer yours. Your colors, fabrics and designs all make me so happy. It's kind of like comparing Janis Joplin and Mozart...doesn't make much sense!

  6. Although their work is quite impressive, and I can appreciate their work as "art", I don't "connect" with them like I do with you and your work. Does that make sense?? I love Mary's work, too, for the most part, but I think you're work is more "from the gut" whereas the other ladies' work is "planned". I, personally, prefer "from the gut" :) You're as much an artist as they are, maybe more so because you can paint, too.

    Don't ever doubt yourself or your creative ability :)

  7. I have to agree with all previous posters. All the the others do amazing work, but the color and joy you convey with your work knocks my socks off every time. Yours is the first blog post read each day to brighten it.

  8. Zieknits9:33 AM

    Creative endeavors (any kind), for me, would become pointless if they involved negative comparison, ranking, or even a whiff of competition.

    Creating is my escape from that world, the place where individual differences are the most precious and wonderful gifts ever given.

    In any case, I'm glad you wrestled the feelings to the ground and kicked them to the curb, again.

  9. Glad you're over it. Your work is my guilty pleasure each morning, and the "morning dawgs" are the icing on the cake.

    I can relate to getting overwhelmed by others work. I always think about "show quilts," I'll NEVER be able to do that. And then I remind myself, "I choose not to do that."

  10. I agree with everyone. Your work is your work and doesn't compare with anyone's. Although I have admired these artists too, and aspire to create like them, I have been working on finding my own voice. Patience is not one of my virtues and I decided a long time ago that fusing is the best way to accomplish my vision. Don't ever beat yourself up for the way you work. Both methods are valid and create a different look. We all need to remember that each artist has a unique take on the world and the techniques are just there to bring them the art to life.

  11. What they said.

    As to Dave and a nap...did he actually get any sleep? I'd imagine that he had trouble standing up straight after that neck tweaking, not to mention his unmentionables getting squished by tiny tonnage bearing paws.

    The dawns do look very comfortable. I am sure that they appreciate his sacrifice.

  12. Every one who got here before me said it better than I could.

  13. Sandy in CA12:10 PM

    Wow -- gorgeous work from quilters I'm not familiar with. What a gift!

    I especially love Mary's "Dogwood" piece.

  14. Such a funny shot. Those pups!!
    I made the mistake of sitting near the staircase on the couch for a little nap one day and Lucy decided the fastest way down was across my head. Glasses flying and Lucy looking very guilty. They sure can make you laugh, although 25lbs of flying Corgi is a real wake-up call.

  15. Their work is beautiful but your work speaks to me.

  16. There is not another Mel. You are the best in who you are!

  17. Holding my breath, I clicked through all your links with some awe and much appreciation. Glad that's over! Now you and I and most of those posting earlier can get back to what makes us happy. And Melody, you make us so happy! do the Daily Dawgs.

  18. Thanks for the link to my website, Melody. I think the first commenter had it so right with her quote about comparing, though. I think it's only human to compare ourselves to others (our looks, our mothering, our homes, or our work). I fall into that trap all the time - it's why I don't include many art quilt blogs amongst my daily blog reads at the moment. Having said that, I think your work is wonderful. It's so fresh and luminous!

  19. I just caught up on the week in one fell swoop, and I'm glad to hear you're over your self-pity; it saves me the trouble of adding my voice to the chorus of those who've already reminded you of your incredible gifts! Just keep on doing and learning and loving it - we sure do! BTW, I love the picture of Dave napping with a dog on his neck. I have the same deal with cats, but they're a lot smaller - LOL!

  20. honestly what everyone else says is true. I am new to your blog and found you through SewHappy. I love your work and the wonderful creations and colors you use. I am sure when others (like me) view your blog they felt (or feel) how you did by viewing your blog.
    I just love your `dawg`pictures! that is just to precious not to have on camera!!


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