Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keeping Cozy Inside

Over the last week or two we have been having trouble with the internet, our TV reception and the phone. The repair guy Rick has been here twice and we thought everything was fixed. Yesterday he went under the house and found that the wiring for everything had been chewed up by mice! They love plastic coated wires.

It's that time of year when the wildlife is looking for shelter from the constant wet and chilly temps and we are no different. Even the pups are not interested in staying out for longer than necessary. Thank heaven.
I am back to making bread and that warms up our tummys and the house, and now that all the communication devices are working fine again, we are rearranging furniture and watching Netflix streaming. Since Madmen garnered so many Emmys and 52 episodes are available we are set. It is soooo good!

I am getting some knitting done too, and thinking about what to do for Dave's birthday Wednesday. I am sure it will be spent at home...after I get back from knitting and shopping a bit for provisions, like champagne. He'll be 57.
I can't even remember what 57 was like...geesh.
On another note: I got an email asking about microwave dyeing wool fabric. I have never tried this but I suggested experimenting and here is result.

The wool fabric in the microwave worked great! I squirted dye on each piece.   I put each 6” x 60” strip in a ziplock bag, squished them around, and heated them in the microwave on your 1 min.on/ 1 min. rest schedule.  It was great, because I could do 4 colors at the same time.  I have a ton more experimenting to do.  I want to getnmore high and low values on each piece.  I want to get more intense colors, too. Jan.

Is that cool or what?

My sister has her blog up now, www.bethanystudios.blogspot.com and is finding time to work in her studio space. Yay!!!

And one more reminder about our retreat in October. The dates are 20-23 and the place is Snowbird Retreat. We are the Fibermaniacs and you can register for a mere $25 at this page. I used paypal which made it so simple. C'mon down!

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  1. I found yarn dyeing last winter...it's SO addicting!!! The only trouble is that I can dye yarn faster than I can knit it, so it really adds up fast!

  2. Celeste Wegner1:51 PM

    Darn rodents!! I've had a squirrel chew through the hose on my propane tank for my gas grill. Big surprise when I went to open the valve on the tank - a wonder I didn't blow myself up. All my landscape lighting cable is also chewed through--something in that vinyl is definitely attracting the rodents.

  3. YOU are a treat...glad to have found you...my blessings..simpler life..I am all over that ....love your surroundings


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