Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Party!

 Exhibits A and B
Exhibit C. Heart attack on a plate, but it's only once a year, and truthfully we both only ate half and the rest is all ready for breakfast this morning, after my second cup of coffee.
 The Perp. Mr. 57, while he still can focus at the camera. I sang H.B. to him several times on his big day, and made the dinner. No presents to open, since we both have all we can handle and none of it is put away where it belongs... No pics of the cheesecake with blueberry topping which was his choice for BD cake, since it was gone in a blink.
The Dawgs enjoyed the two ribs from the roast for hours, in my bed! Those bad dawggies!


  1. That meal looks DELICIOUS (lucky Dave!)

    And you're right - bad dawgs! Although they're totally cute.

    Happy birthday to Dave!

  2. Delicious. Prime rib-lucky boy.
    It's so hard to get mad at the furry ones but Lucy makes a beeline for my bed to chew her toys as well- a change of sheets is always in order when she leaves. Slimy, drooly, darlings
    Farmer Dave is looking great!!

  3. Many happy returns to Dave!

  4. Happy Birthday Dave! Hope the hangover isn't too bad LOL!
    Where were the dawgs party hats?? I love any excuse for a dog in a hat - I think they would particularly suit wearing a Fez. Are they going to dress up for Halloween?

  5. Happy Birthday, Dave.

    He looks so content in that photo you snapped of him. Like he's having a happy day.

    Bad dawgies.

  6. Dave and I share a birthday! I spent mine visiting my mother-in-law at her assisted living home. I get to be with both of my sons later this weekend. Glad the both of you enjoyed his day.

  7. I looked your blog. I'm fascinated by your works! Such beautiful and colorful quilts!
    Now I will read your blog.
    With love from Russia.

  8. Looks like it was delicious! You know how to celebrate!

  9. My birthday is Saturday...could you come fix dinner for me???LOL

    Happy (belated) Birthday to Dave!!!

  10. Your hired. My bday is March 1oth. :)

    I'll just fly ya out to Idaho.

  11. PS. You can bring Dave.

  12. Though I'm a vegetarian ;-) I hope Dave enjoyed his birthday meal and the wine and bubbles !
    (the dogs had a party of their own so it seems)

  13. Happy Birthday to Dave! And boy, are those dogs living the good life - they know HOW and WHERE to party. :-)

  14. Happy birthday Dave...sounds like a delicious celebration!

  15. Spooky. We should have come to your David was 57 too but only got Pizza delivery and no gifts no desert. Getting to Tennessee on time might have been an issue however :)

  16. He's still easy on the eyes, Mel...
    Looks like a better meal than served in most upscale steakhouses ~ you can do it all, can't you?


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