Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good News and Bad News

My table top arrived! Yay. But it arrived damaged. Phooey. So I contacted the seller and await a resolution to this problem. I can wait for a new one since I have waited THIS LONG but I can't return this mess since the box was damaged when we opened it.
Update! Got this reply to my email:
I am sending out a new one ASAP, sorry for that. It looks like UPS had a good time with that one. Again, sorry and we will take care of it.
What a relief!!!

But on the other hand my stripes arrived from I am IN LOVE. Doncha just love the splat fabric? hee hee. So ME.
So I guess I am committed to making LOTS more quilts.
And I will be sewing all of these blocks together...TODAY.
Not necessarily in this order.

I will be using narrow connector strips, as in this photo.
See Marianne's tutorials for more information.

Taking turns on the Poang chair.

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  1. I love, love, love you style! And I'm so envious of all your stripes.

  2. I'm in love with your stripes. Must make something with stripes. Pronto!

  3. I love your use of color and have even "pinned some of your pictures on Pinterst! Could you please tell me the names of the "splat" fabric and the stripes (left to right) 1,3,5,7,8,and 10. I went to the website and there are too many to find by pictures. Thank you in advance and thanks for inspiring me!

  4. A skunk could be totally content with it's smell if it had stripes like those! Yummy. And the splats just make me grin.

    Sorry about the table. Get that sweet man of yours to tote it to the UPS store in his new truck.

  5. I just took a picture of George sleeping on top of fabric on top of my open suitcase. They pick the most comfortable spots I guess.

  6. Mel, you have a gift for taking something (anything) and using it in such a way that we all want it and want it now!

    I even want those little pooches and I have sworn off on pets..

  7. knew Tony would come through

  8. gorgeous fabrics...and those dawgs! hehe...they are just too cute! <3

  9. Sorry Melody, my e-mail is,


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