Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Embarrassed Before 7 AM

I spent the day out yesterday visiting with my sister and then stopping at the new location for Three Black Sheep, our super-dee-duper knitting shoppe, which has greatly expanded its inventory in its new digs.
When I got back home I was thrilled to see the box containing my new sewing table and could hardly wait to have Dave assemble it. At 6:45 AM today he opened the box and read the directions (they arrived on Monday) and separated the parts.

Here are the parts. Then he looked for the hardware, nuts and bolts etc. No Gots.
The assembly directions had the phone number, so I picked up the phone and left a pleading message to have my call returned, and an explanation about no hardware....

Sigh. Dissapointment.
But wait there's more.
Um...the hardware wasn't the only thing missing.

 Upon further inspection, I saw in teeny tiny print 1 of 2. The package with the rest of what we need has not yet arrived.
So I sheepishly called back and left a second message, aplogizing. How embarrassing. And stupid.
On another note, deep breath, I am soooo excited to see that my little magnolia which we planted in May is now about to BLOOM!!!
Not one but FIVE blooms are beginning to open. Sigh. That's one of the things I love about the South.
I first came to down to Dixie in 1970, to Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS (with the first husband).
The Spring was so lush that I swore one could toss out a baked potato and it would sprout by the next day.
Azaleas like monsters were in bloom and Spanish moss graced the live oak trees everywhere. It was quite a lovely shock for a Northern gal from Chicago. Ever since then I have had a romantic yearning for the beautiful South and all its flora and fauna.

And now my dreams have come true. Color me satisfied.

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  1. Lovely flowers, and your story cracks me up. :)

    (But why didn't they arrive at the same time? Weird!)

  2. A teeny tiny print - that's the point. Are you really supposed to search for the smallest of hints what could have gone wrong? I'd say, no. Working as a web developer I call that bad usability. A short note that the table is being sent in two packages shouldn't be too much to call for.
    Anyway, take your "mistake" easy. These things just happen sometimes, on both sides ...

    Kind regards,

  3. At least you didn't throw out the missing parts with the boxes! And then complain to the company, who said that the missing hardware was taped to the inside of the box.

  4. BOO to the shipper ~ HA for your ability to take it in stride and find the humor in it. Go Mel

  5. Lucky you! Not only are the magnolia blooms beautiful, but they are divinely scented, too. It's one of the kinds of trees I would love to have in my yard. Not many places left to put one though. They do grow quite slowly, but maybe where you are they grow faster. Green (with envy) in CA.

  6. I love the title of this post. I said, Ah, the story of my life"!! What a hoot. On another note- Actually I think I would trade all the flora and fauna of the south for the waves crashing along the rocky coast of Maine which is why I moved here from DC in the 70's!!. We've got magnolias here too!!


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