Sunday, June 26, 2011

Version 2 Drawstring Scarf

I am really having fun now. This knit may be the all purpose scarf, neckwarmer, cowl, collar, everything a cold shoulder needs to be glamorous. So many ways to wear it and still not have to pull it over the hair-do.
This time I used Baby Zarina merino yarn and it is so much lighter (sport weight) than the red worsted version, which is perfect for outer wear. This lighter yarn works for a fashion statement indoors. Same size needles and same directions. The Zarina was more yardage (181 yds) and I just used two skeins with a bit leftover, including the I-cord. Directions for this scarf are here.

I then got an email from the designer Bjorn Coordt, who has made a similar scarf, only using a silk scarf in combination with the knitted one. So fabulous that I simply must share these with you. First, the current cover!!! of Love of Knitting features the scarf.

My name is Bjorn Coordt, a designer, weaver, knitter .... came from Germany 12 years ago and started 6 yeas ago with my partner Rex Tannahill "Hand Painted Knitting Yarns", now HPKY, LLC.

The "Family" grew into: Scarf-in-a-Shrug, Scarf-in-a-Shawlette, Scarf-in-a-Dress, Scarf-in-a-Tunic and "La Scala" jacket.Our web page is  there is a store locator, where to buy.


  1. Wow - not I can't wait to make one.
    Thank you for sharing.
    K&P.....happy knitting. Bren

  2. I'm working on my second hand-painted scarf. The colors are just delicious! And soooo easy!! Should be finished in the next day or two. The silk scarf as the drawstring really adds the "it" factor.

  3. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Beautiful work by Bjorn. I love the soft, silk scarf woven through the knitting!


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