Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

I am not complaining. I love the rain and the excuse to stay indoors and knit. And the garden loves it too. Except that a few days ago we had a big hail storm and now my large leafed plants like hosta and lily pads look beat up. Boo Hoo. But with all this warm weather and fresh water from the skies I am sure they will be looking good again shortly.
I am working on Drawstring Scarf #4 and will be going to knitting today, so here is a little garden slide show, before the hail got to it.


  1. Your garden is soooo beautiful. You must have every color of lily in the world. The garden certainly shows your artistic gift with color and design.

  2. Wow your flowers are so colorful! I'd like to get out just to weed. we've had so much rain here that the black flies are horrendous. They have usurped the weather as the main topic of conversation. I too welcome an excuse to stay inside and do something creative but lately it's all I can do.
    I do also admire your computer savvy (the slideshow).

  3. Such fab pics...I love the one with the little dog butt and the one with the frog. Your yard should definitely be on a garden tour!!! Some of those flowers look like they came out of someone's imagination, don't they? Just gorgeous. All of your hard work has certainly paid off!

  4. Nancy V.3:05 PM

    Beautiful and inspiring garden. I wish I could have anything close to that here in Austin where we are in an exceptional drought and have been in the 100's for over a month.


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