Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Breakfast

Here's something special for the kids to make for Dad tomorrow. So easy and delicious. I used this recipe but instead of bacon, I used deli sliced corned beef. So much easier and just as marvelously tasty. I also left out the tomato, and added a tablespoon of dijon mustard to the mix.
Currently not one speck of these remain.
Here's the only Father around here. Is this a family portrait or what?

And it took only a week before these two could nap this close. Nirvana.
Wait! Cute alert!


  1. Looks yummy! Great family photos.

  2. Great picture of Dave and the boys! And I love the snuggle shot! My (cat) boys sleep together all the time... the oldest has a grooming fettish, so the younger one gets bathed all the time. Better him than me! And your recipe looks yummy... too bad I have to stop eating for the next year! I have become a couch potato (only sitting at the computer)and need to lose some weight! Sigh...

  3. Awwwww love the boys snuggling. Little Dexter is having such wonderful experiences, I'm so glad he came home with you.

  4. Great shot of Dave & the the little boys. That Dexter is a real camera hog!
    Breakfast sounds very yummy.

  5. Those muffins sound good. And the pics are adorable...even Dave. LOL

  6. We have often thought of getting the Bear Man (see my avatar!) his own dog (okay- we would all share). But Bear seems to want other dogs around for an hour or so, and then-nope- everybody go home. Did you find that at first?

  7. awww, so glad those two are loving each other so quick! the cuddle factor alone is a good enough reason to get a 2nd dog!

    Also, I'm likin' the beard on Dave!

  8. I will be trying the cup later tonight. I hope to get to celebrate with the father and sleep in tomorrow.
    Tell Dave the scruffy look, looks good.
    My two Chihuahuas have slept like that since day one. I always thought it was them trying to stay warm, but they do it no matter the temp. It must be love.

  9. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I LOVE the last photo of Dexter and Chumley....precious!

  10. Those are wonderful photos. It appears you are now officially a "dog person"

  11. But then, you knew it all the time. Didn't you. Everything works out in the end. With fabrics and dogs.


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