Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Construction

A while back we bought a big blue spruce for the entrance to our driveway, from the woman across the road. It gave up the ghost after a year of trying to live and the woman who grew it replaced it and tossed in four boxwood bushes. She thought we could use them as a screen in front of our hot tub. I thought differently. They would be perfect alongside the new deck as foundation plantings. But the slope made it difficult and the packed clay made it impossible, therefore necessitating another raised bed. Our man Mike and I put our heads together and the thing got mostly built yesterday. He underestimated the amount of brick and bags of soil, but Dave and I fixed that after quitting time. Today he will finish the brick, fill the bed and plant the other two bushes. (BTW, I just do the directing, and keeping out of their way, feeding them and writing checks).
Two new additions were planted in the meantime. a new Penny Mac hydrangea and a Beauty of Moscow White Lilac. All the ground cover was yanked up and soon Dave will bring home a load of mulch to cover the bareness.

The Dawg loves munching on mulch.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. When are you opening the B&B?!

  2. That all looks so wonderful!

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    It's gorgeous! I wanna come sit and knit.

  4. I like the part where you direct and write checks. Only way to garden! Love the dawg!


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