Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're in the Clear

Yes we had WEATHER here in TN, but not so bad for us on the mountain. The worst thing was losing power for a while and missing the first fifteen minutes of American Idol. Phew! That was a close one.
Lately the wind has been strong, but the storm yesterday was not a windy one here.Thankfully. I know my garden loved the rain, and so did the goldfish.
On another topic, I have begun a year of 'At Last' and this chest of drawers is another one on that list, right after real tomato cages, and that magnolia tree.
I thought I would clean out my drawers and take a lot of things to Goodwill, but except for lots of worn out socks (storebought, not hand knit) I had nothing that I needed to unload. There is a lot more room in these drawers than my previous chest. And it is much taller, and thus that mirror pretty much just shows my gray hair.
 I confess that I had Dave and Mike assemble the thing, since it was raining and they needed indoor work.
They also got out the big ladder and cleaned the ceiling fans, and to reward them I made a big lunch.
Several of you have asked how I get them to do my bidding. Ha! I hand Mike cash, and Dave likes to work with him, as he feels he is helping. We are going along with this fantasy.

And now back to our nap.

This just in...Dave's Mom died this morning, peacefully and without pain. She had Alzheimer's and was living with Dave's Dad in a really nice assisted living facility in Chicago. We'll miss you Ruthie.
We won't be going to Chicago as there will be no funeral at this time.
This just in...again... Just heard our beloved quilt shop in Ringgold GA, Sew Be It has been wiped out by a tornado. All that fabric, yarn, books and quilts, GONE. Devastating news.


  1. I'm glad you did not have the terrible weather that has been haunting the south. Mother Nature is sure brewing that hellfire lately. Sheesh...she is not kind.

    So sorry to read about Dave's mother. My thoughts to Dave and his family.

  2. My sympathy's to Dave and you. At least her struggle is ended :)

    I thought about you when the news starting coming about the nasty weather running across TN. I'm glad you didn't get any of the really bad stuff. I need to get in touch with my SIL and her family near Nashville. The wind here is really howling (gusts up to 50mph) and no rain (for a change!).

    I love that dresser! Wish we had an Ikea closer...but maybe it's a good thing we don't.

  3. Peaceful without pain...God is good! My thoughts are with your family.

    I am jealous of anyone who lives near Ikea!! but not the bad weather in your neck-of-the-woods.

  4. So glad you did not get hit with the worst of the storms. Sorry for your loss. My thoughts will be with you.

  5. I have been watching the news all morning and I am extremely grateful to live in Nevada where fortunately I will never have to deal with the type of destruction I am seeing on the TV. Unfortunately I have friends living in that area and hope to hear from them soon.

  6. My sincere sympathy to you.Dave and Dave's dad.

  7. I knew someone who lived in Ringgold years ago but don't know if she is still there. The news about the tornado is spurring me on to look her up. Thanks for posting that.

  8. My sympathies to you, Dave and Dave's Dad. Glad to hear you suffered no damage from the storm.

  9. My sympathy to all of you for your loss.
    We escaped the nasty stuff (we're north of you), too , but I feel so bad for all those who lost so much from the storm system. I heard Ringgold got hit hard. Glad you are safe!

  10. So glad you escaped the bad weather. My sympathy's to you and Dave and his family for the loss of a loved one.

    So sorry to hear about the quilt shop. So much damage, destruction and loss of life. So many with lost homes, jobs or businesses.

  11. I'm so glad you were spared from the tornado devastation. And please give my regards to Dave, may his mother rest in peace.

  12. Mrs. Mel -
    I am so, so sorry to read about Dave's Mom. I just lost my Mom on March 7. I know that some illnesses take their toll on our parents and logic tells us they are in a better place - but inside each of us is still that little kid that wants to feel what it's like to be safe in their arms once more.
    Please give Dave a hug from me. I know his pain all too well.

  13. hilary2:26 AM

    My condolences to Dave and to you. Glad to know you are safe there. On the TV news there was footage of the destruction in Ringgold among other places...truly awful

  14. I'm sorry to hear about Dave's mum - my dad had dementia and then broke his hip, and quite frankly it was a blessing when he died. You miss them but you wouldn't call them back, not in the state they were in. My sympathy to you and Dave's family.
    These storms are making news in Australia. I wish they were not so destructive with such loss of life. Losing a local craft shop is sad too.

  15. Glad to hear that you didn't have any of the really bad weather.
    My sympathies to Dave, even though it was peaceful, I know he misses his mother.

    Sorry to hear about the quilt store. I hope no-one was there.

  16. Melody,

    So glad to hear you made it through the tornado unscathed - but wow, those pix from the quilt shop, amazingly scary. And my condolences to Dave, you and his family. Candy

  17. My Dad had alzehimers...terrible thing to happen to someone. Sorry she went through it...

    As for the fabric shop, my friend, Deb went and found it and was really impressed with it! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see it. Life isn't fair. It just keeps going.

  18. Peg Howard8:45 AM

    WE drove through Ringold yesterday on our way home to South Georgia- from Paducah-The interstate went right through the path.

    To drive through the devastion- on the interstate was very emotional to know wo much had been lost-

    Condolences to your family in the loss of Daves mother.

    I waved as we went buy your area.


  19. My condolences to Dave, you and his Dad.

    Glad to hear you are ok after the storm.


  20. So glad you are ok. Very sorry to hear about Dave' mom, but at least she went peacefully. What a shame about the quilt/yarn store! Here in Raleigh, in our neighborhood we just dodged the bullet. A few blocks over from us huge trees uprooted.

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