Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Capelet Directions. . .Sorta

The directions for this little shawl/cape were written backwards to my way of thinking, so if I were to share them with you, I would not be confident of a good result. So here is my take on how I would make this. Knit this top down, so when you run out of yarn you are finished. I am not including the crocheted edge because I don't know what they did. Make up your own edge.

The yarn is a lightweight worsted silk and merino blend, and the directions called for casting on 100 stitches and joining in the round, on like size 10 needles. Knit stockinette stitch for two or two and a half inches and then go up a needle size for a similar amount of rows. If this is too iffy for you, gird your loins and realize that knitting is like cooking, do it to your taste. Keep increasing the size of the needle and think LOOSE. 200 yards ought to work for most sizes, but if your shoulders are super teeny make it shorter, and if you have a football player chest use more yarn.
No one has that many circular needles in all those huge sizes (13, 15, 17) so this is a really great reason for a yarn shop to give away a pattern like this. So you buy more needles!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these directions.

    You are such a sharp business woman. Maybe the knit shop needs a consultant on improvement of revenue.

  2. Anonymous12:52 AM

    I checked in with you because of the weather! I'll check again tomorrow to see how you did. We don't like to see "catastrophic tornado damage" anywhere. I used to live in Alpharetta GA, now in California (saw you speak in Folsom).
    Donna Brennan

  3. 'Love it! Thank you!!!


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