Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Moment of Sockitude

Recently I had to put away some new sock yarn and found I had already accumulated a good deal of sock yarn. Like this was a big surprise. Ha!
These practically match!! Shocking.
I made up my mind to knit down the stash a bit. Maybe a pair a week would make a dent. So I am back to offering socks to you at $20 a pair, because, let's face it...I have no more room in my sock drawer. I know warm woolen socks are not very Springtimey but then getting them now and then having them for the eventual need later is not a bad idea. This pair is already promised, but I am taking me.
PS. I will be in town all day today, so I will take your orders in the order received in my email. Thanks.


  1. my son used to love wearing his knitting worsted weight wool socks in the summer time - said it kept his feet cool (I think it was the natural fibre)

  2. I love sock yarn, it's even better in nice bright colours. :)

  3. Oh wow, love the top sock in progress!
    But I don't need any more handknitted socks - I can't shut my sock drawer as it is *and* even after a little destashing, I still have enough yarn for approximately 90 more pairs of socks. Ahem!

  4. I'd love a pair of socks, but be forewarned, I have big feet! I'll take the love turquoise yarn. :)

  5. That should be "lovely" turquoise yarn... sheesh!


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