Thursday, March 03, 2011

Coming out of the Gloom

It was nice enough to sit on the banks and feed the fish yesterday. There are so many babies, and the older fish are getting way big. Chumley loves to sniff around and have a drink but is not the least bit interested in the fish. However, he is interested in any fish pellets that fall on the rocks. After stones and twigs, fish food is his fave snack,

There are about four or five white ones, or partially white ones, and some nearly yellow. The majority are orange or orange and black. Since there has been lots of rain last week the pond continues to fill daily, even tho we have had sun for several days. This morning all the edging rocks were covered and soon the water will overflow into the drain. More rain is coming this weekend, and the pond looks better everyday. Hopefully all the debris will drift into the drain and for several weeks we'll have clear pond water. I love it in the Spring.
We have daffodils in bloom...and lots of sprouts coming up all over the place. I will have to do some dividing soon.

I did get some piecing done in the studio and now I am getting excited about having two new quilts to show at the Modern Quilt Guild-Chattanooga March 12. Good to have a deadline looming, sorta.

Using the Random Number Generator the winners of QAWM2011 are Nancy at Color Fiber Texture, Daryl Perry and Iarmock. Congratulations to all and thanks for contributing so many wonderful Someday pieces.

PS. I am close to being totally healthy again and thanks for all the good wishes. I promise not to make a habit of being Sick Girl.


  1. Excellent. Glad you're feeling better = thanks for the pictures of the fishies -and here's hoping for spring here soon!

    (Minus 12 today - snow expected tomorrow. But spring is coming!)

  2. Beautiful, wish Spring would get here! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Can't wait for Spring to hit Michigan... Come out of the dark, come into the light.... (Just happened to have seen a local production of Wizard of Oz last weekend.)

    Glad you're feeling better.

  4. You daffodils are beautiful! Glad you feel better.

  5. Glad you're feeling better. the outdoor pictures amaze me. I am just about to go out with snowshoes to climb into my backyard and un snag something on my clothesline. We have about 8 feet of snow.

  6. I absolutely love your blog! Just looking at your colors makes me smile and helps get me through the long, long, long (you get the picture)Alaskan winter. We won't have daffodils for severeal more months, so thanks for sharing yours!

  7. You have the greatest life.

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