Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trunk Show at Three Black Sheep

Friday night I gave a little trunk show of all my modular knitting projects, in preparation for the Mitered Square workshop I am giving on Sunday. It was a gala affair, with lots of fun, interested knitters in attendance. I really like doing things like this, where all my homework has been done way ahead of time. Like years in some cases. I brought ten of my own sweaters and many scarves, hats, socks, mittens and neckwarmers, many of which have never been seen outside my closet. ha!

On the home front, it was a Honey-do day and I *helped* Dave install my hanging devices so I could fill my empty wall with stuff.

I searched my quilt closet for something pink and found my Topiaries fit the bill, at least until I make something specific for this space. And then for Dave I hung the guitar quilt, Mi Amiga Laura, since he removed all his guitars from this wall so I could have it for my stuff. I couldn't find my small hanging rods for this quilt, so shame on me, I used bulldog clips for the interim. I will search again today.
The suns and moon souvenirs from Mexico fill the rest of the space.
We have always used shelf standards as our hanging devices. This photo is from our old house, but it is the same idea. In this picture the standard is screwed to the ceiling but in my room we just attached it to the wall. S hooks or picture hanging hooks and nylon fishing line hang the artwork. For me, known to be a mind-changer, I like the flexibility of being able to hang different work without having to nail holes in the wall for each one.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Love the quilts you chose for the wall. Your room looks great!


  2. I like the hanging idea. I keep having to repaint to fill my holes when I move things. I've recently taken to shelves so I can move things around, but that wouldn't work for the quilted hangings.
    What a pretty room!

  3. Melody...thank you for the wonderful tip and hanging artwork! Very nice and enables one to change the art out every once in awhile!

  4. Wow, beautiful knitting.

  5. I LOVE the guitar quilt!!!! Especially the wavy pieces running across. You are something!!! :)

  6. Always enjoy your work and love of color but, your adaptability and enthusiasm are equally inspiring for those of us following your adventures. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  7. Love the guitar quilt. Do you have a pattern for it? I'd love to make that for my husband.

  8. What fun! I know everyone loved seeing your knitting and talking to you about it. Where is Chumley? Is he OK? Haven't seen him since Wednesday!

  9. Love the topiaries quilt!

    When you hang the quilt with the shelf standard and fishing line, do you just string the fishing line through a sleeve in the back?
    I am about to hang a quilt in my home and would love to understand this concept better before attaching the shelf standard.

    Thank you so much.

  10. So good to drop by and check up on you and what you are making, plus seeing the home and gardens... and of course the wonder-dog! My love to you and yours! -Carmen

  11. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Remember that IKEA fabric I mentioned recently? Well, I cannot remember to take a pic for you but found an auction just now. It went on sale here and I purchased ooogles of candy enjoy...


    The auction # is from Ebay.

  12. Catching up on everything on the blog and I saw the picture of the short and long-sleeved mitre pullovers - do you have a pattern for them? They are wonderful!!!


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