Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Much Better Day

 I began with a plan, which is always a good idea. I sewed four more strip sets and cut my diamond centers from a half yard of solid pink hand dyed and then began to sew. A calm fell over the studio and all was right with the world.
At the end of the day I had made 10 more blocks and could pin them up to see what's what.
Ooh. This shows me where I need to rearrange the blocks so I don't have so many similar ones adjacent. And I notice some darker pink diamonds which if I am smart (and I plan to be) I can feature them as a corner or center or outer edge. Hmm.

If my finished quilt is going to be 24 (4x6) blocks I am more than half done, but if it will be 30 (5x6)  I'll need two more to be half done.

Today the process was pretty painless, or to be more upbeat, pretty satisfying.
I am so loving the pinkitude. It really cheers up these gray and rainy days. Gotta love February, where staying indoors and sewing is just the right place to be.

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  1. ThatLoganChick1:34 AM

    It's looking great so far! The colours are glorious.

    I'm going to join in on the fun. My "someday" quilt needs to be done second though, after a comfort quilt for a friend undergoing treatment for lymphoma. His quilt is beer themed, made in the colours of the can of his favorite beer.

    As it has been more than four years since I made my last quilt, making two this February will be both a challenge and a lot of fun. I'd forgotten how great my fabric stash is!

    And my someday quilt? I'll figure that out once I've been through my old notes.

    This is going to be a blast. Thanks for doing this again. You inspire a lot of people. (And Chumley entertains us.)

  2. Mel....I am love, love, loving this quilt. The colors are delicious!

  3. OMG! The way you are putting the blocks together is positively BRILLIANT!!! I have only ever seen these blocks done in the very painful & tedious "traditional" way. (have I been living in a cave?????)

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME approach! (plus ... the pinkitude totally rocks!!!)

    On the other hand ..... February in Florida definitely does NOT mean grey and stay inside :-) (Of course we don't get to grow daffodils ....)

    Thanks for the fun!!!!!

  4. Hi Darling,
    I sooooo love these spider webs and the pink is fabulous. So very Mel. Your colors are becoming very island-in-the-carribean. Nice!

  5. Another day snow and iced in... no work today... so I get to sew so more. So nice to start with your beauties as inspiration.

  6. Love how this is coming together! We all need some bright, cheery colors and these certainly do it for me :) Thanks for a little "spring" on this freezing rain, gray day :)

    I'm quilting along but I'm actually working on a tube quilt I started a couple weeks ago.

  7. Such a wonderful selection of fabrics for this one! Lovely to look at on this snowy, stormy day.

  8. I am sooo inspired by the Flickr photos, and pinkitude is way fun. I'm working on a "gotta-do" and having friends over today and tomorrow. But this weekend -- lookout, I'm gonna get crazy!


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