Tuesday, February 01, 2011

False Start with a Happy Ending

 Although I had a tutorial to follow, I had some issues with the process.
 #1 I didn't want to do flip and sew on a foundation, and
#2 I didn't like cutting away the foundation fabric afterward.
I figured I could sew up some strips sets and cut the desired shapes using templates, which I also don't like and would have to make.
Perhaps this is what has kept me from doing this block in the first place.
In the end I decided to make templates since there would only be two.  But being my own worst enemy I didn't realize at first that the strip template (triangle) had to be reversed for the other side. Plus I pasted the paper pattern onto a warped postcard ( I didn't have anything better) which made cutting difficult. In fact the first thing I did was cut part of the template edge off. I was nearly tossing in the towel at that point. So I stopped for lunch.

When I returned I was prepared to make a new unwarped template and to remind myself to flip it over for the other side. I sewed up four sets of strips with a pink leaning, and began again. My first section went together easily and I was relieved.
I really liked using all these new fabrics so much, and love the combinations. Woowoo!
Strip sewing has been a scary thing since I find it so boring and tend to veer off the straight and narrow occasionally. Today I even sewed a whole strip wrong side to right. I felt like a total moron for most of the day.
But I did manage to make three pretty darn nice blocks and I am sure I will be more in control of the situation tomorrow. I have three values of pink for the star centers, so I am guessing I will be making something bigger than a placemat out of these. The blocks are about 12.5" square.

Despite all my shortcomings, this will be faster than my other pieced spiderweb, if not as scrappy, and this one is only 8 sides versus 12 in the other one. I don't mind the fabrics being repeated more than in a true scrap quilt. The speed of template-cutting stripped fabrics plus the lack of waste is more my style.
I guess my problem stems from fear that things won't line up or will be wonky when I mean them to be straight and neat. It's like working with a different part of my brain to do this kind of quilt. It feels good to have gotten it right by the end of the workday.

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  1. Melody,
    creatives like u, make the world a bright shade of light. it is funny to hear, (read) your going through the spiderweb process, it sounds famliar to me but then i really like wonky!
    in all ,to switch to other brain approcah must be counted as excersice and something for all of us who create to ponder! thanks for the morning streach!

  2. Everyone sews strips together wrong here and there...happens all the time. Have you ever tried one of those super 60 rulers?? It's great for hexagon type stuff on strip sets.

  3. I have had a pattern and ruler for a web quilt for two years. Now that I see you getting started, I too may have to start this one. Love your colours.

  4. Just think, if you are doing something new--using a new part of your brain, your neurons are staying alive and ready for the next new thing! I always enjoy the beautiful colors you use.

  5. It looks great, Mel. I may actually get some quilting done today. We are iced in and even the library is closed today.

  6. No matter how experienced you are we all make mistakes. How else would we learn?? Love the blocks :)

  7. It's so refreshing to find out that even quilt experts like you make sewing mistakes occasionally. I pieced a One Block Wonder from Maxine's Rosenthal's book last year and it was interesting to use "the other side" of the brain when measuring, cutting, and organizing the triangles. I really like how it came out and am now hand quilting it. (Scrappy and no templates are much more my piecing "comfort zone.") I love the fabrics you used, especially the Kaffe Fasset fans.

  8. Hi Melody! I love the colors above. I recently joined as a follower of your blog and I thought you might be interested in doing the same at decolourant.blogspot.com
    If you haven't heard deColourant is a new product that removes and replaces the color of dyed fabrics with ease. It has a slight citrus smell and can be used with stamps, stencils and more. The possibilities are endless and quilters are loving it!

  9. Anonymous2:40 PM

    What a bright happy quilt. I've been wanting to do a string quilt and you've inspired me.

    Jean S.

  10. Cool idea. Now I hope I can figure it out. I've wanted to make one of these spider quilts for sometime ... maybe now I will. thanks

  11. Mel, a great template material for pieces like this is photo paper; it's "sticky" on one side and solid enough to trace around, but easy to cut. Love your spider webs.

  12. Love, love, love the colors. Glad you got it all worked out and looks like you are on a roll. Makes me want to make one now.


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