Friday, February 04, 2011

I needed a quilt. . . now

Since I moved upstairs, I have been sneakily taking over the space and making it mine. Little bits of pink are appearing. Those yellow curtains are on their way out. But as I lie in bed, facing that blank wall, I remembered a scrappy wonky quilt top that I made last February, unquilted, waiting for just such a need.

It had a lot of red in the borders, so I removed and replaced them with pink and then quilted it. Now it fills that blank spot at the end of the bed just perfectly. I think the walls will become this pink very soon.

Chumley loves this cozy bed, as upstairs is warmer than downstairs. Here he is chewing a nice rock he brought in from outside. This is a daily thing.

He also loves this quilt as a place to chew a rawhide strip. What a face.
I'm getting back to the QAWM project Friday. I just had to finish this pink quilt today.
Join our QAWM at the Flickr site
 The pattern for this vest (Ellen's from yesterday) is available here
and the quilt I saw in that book might be in one of these. It's by Karla Alexander.


  1. I have the book Color Shuffle and it's not in that. I love that vest too. Your quilts are so beautiful. What inspiration to have around you.

  2. Also NOT in New Cuts for New Quilts.

  3. UPDATE on that pattern from yesterday: It's "Critical Stash Mass" in Color Shuffle (according to her website's description of her workshops).

  4. Yur new quilt is perfect! Incidentally, our puppy loves rocks too - though he seems to be growing out of it now! Thanks for the link to the pattern - I've already downloaded one. Isn't the internet amazing?

  5. Golly, Chumley has grown up a lot (and looks like he's working on the out part too...)!
    Thanks for the linkies. That vest looks quite interesting....
    Am thinking I should do a fusing quilt and also an applique quilt this month. They are both techniques new to me and quite frankly intimidating. I would do some fine paper piecing but I have NO interest in that currently.

  6. great job on the room re-do. We had a cocker spaniel that loved rocks, he chewed them till he was 14. We had to do a house check for them before we ever left, because if he knocked them under something he would chew at that to get to his rock. he is the only animal that ever chewed a piece of furniture, and one corner of the coffee table was all he ever got. he would even get on the sofa chewing his rock and kneading his feet between the cushions like a cat.

  7. We had a lab who used to like to retrieve rocks and lemons. In the end her lower bottom teeth were almost ground away from the chewing of the rocks!


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