Sunday, January 30, 2011

And Baby Makes Three

Initially I was planning to use up the innards from several old bed pillows. Then I bought more fiberfill and more batting and so I had to make one more pillow to finish off the leftovers. The center box cushion is one pillow with two fronts, leftover log cabin blocks that just had to be used in my new color scheme.  These are all going to drive Dave nuts. I expect to be picking them up off the floor every morning.
 A box edge  rather than a knife edge makes a nice crisp cushion, with no pointing 'ears' at each corner, and is simple to do. The faces are quilted while the box strip is merely interfaced (fusible)  providing a stable surface in the finished product.
To close this seam after stuffing, I used the invisible mattress stitch, no zipper or buttons on this one.

After all our recent snow we are now experiencing a heat wave. It got to be 68 degrees here and the pup is just basking in the warmth. Dave actually went to baseball practice!

PS. Monday begins Quilt Along with Melody, so 'tune in' to see what the concept for this year's QAWM will be.


  1. Yum, so colorlisious. Beautiful job.

  2. Love the pillows!! How do you do an invisible mattress stitch?? I love the box edge, too. How about a tutorial on both???

    Could you send some of that 68* our way??

  3. Hmm...what's an invisible mattress stitch? And I never made a box edge, possibly because I use pillow forms (which have no such edge that I've seen). It never occurred to my dull little mind that there are other ways of stuffing pillows...

  4. Ahhhh, my daily dose of lovely color!

  5. Love the cheery,colorful pillows. Wish I had your sense of color confidence!

    I also wanted to ask what an invisible mattress stitch is. And, I'm not sure what you mean by "the box strip is merely interfaced (fusible)". Is the strip sewn to the pillow front and back? I've made lots of pillows but never a box edge cushion. I like the nice crisp look of yours!

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