Thursday, December 16, 2010

I hear SNORING !

I looked everywhere for the little snore machine and finally found him here.  What a nut.
The needles are really flying at our Southern Purls knit group. Baby clothes are being finished, just in time for Christmas. This adorable pink cardigan was made by the other Melodye in our bunch. So adorable.

And Deborah made these two darling hats for a soon to be adopted in Korea grandbaby. O how I wish I had a baby to knit cute things.

This potato chip scarf is a favorite project of several of our members, and it is also on my list, but way down near the bottom. I want to knit it but don't want to own it, so sometime I will offer it as a Knit-For project. I am embarrassed to say, I have forgotten this knitter's name. Shame on me.
And then my pal Judy is quickly nearing the end on her second Eternity. It is a really unusual yarn, super soft with a tiny bit of visible linen. So different. And in the bag at her feet is her #1 Eternity. 
I had planned on going to Costco to check it out but never got there. Instead I wanted to get some zippers and foam and a bit of solid fabric from the new Joann's and spent time and money looking at everything there.
The weather looked like it was going to get bad so I made a beeline for home and all my dirty dishes were safely awaiting me. Sigh, it was good to get out and even better to be home.
Rain and melting snow today. Great!


  1. Ellen8:43 AM

    Your puppy is adorable and I enjoy your comments and pictures of him. Do all pugs snore?

  2. My brother has a Boston. I was there by myself one day, in the dead of winter when it was more than bitter cold, hanging wall paper for them. I couldn't figure out why anyone in their right mind would be out there with a chain saw cutting up wood! But every time I would walk out of the bathroom to see who the idiot was the buzzing would stop. Of course it turned out to be the dog! They are loud little things! I have no idea how you can sleep with him in your room.

  3. Potato Chip scarf???? Love it. Where can I find this pattern? I have some silk/wool to dye, perfect for this.

  4. Those baby hats are just adorable!! Love the colors too. And your pup is absolutely SWEET!

  5. Oh my gosh, the little tocks* peeking out from under that table are too adorable for words!!!

    Beautiful knitting as usual. I wish I knew hot to knit (well, I can do basic stitches, but have no talent for it); because I would love to make myself a beautiful, colourful, feminine knitted cap - I try and buy them from artisans, but I have a big head and thick hair and they all ride up, eventually sliding off.

    (Which is hilarious, but defeats the "warmth" purpose, and is not the kind of "cute" I'm trying to convey. *heh*)

    P.S. Our matriarch cat, Mitzie - who is nearly 60 in human years, snores like a large, asthmatic man. It's pretty hilarious, but we had to kick her out of our bedroom at night because she's become too loud!

  6. Love those baby hats...they are just so cute. All the colors used for all of these projects are wonderful as well!

    That little snorer...what can you say but cute cute cute!

  7. Chumley is absolutely too cute. I have a miniature dachshund and I love it when he spreads his legs out behind him.

    I finally broke down and bought the eternity scarf pattern. Had been seeing it in progress on several blogs. It is beautiful and with the cold this year it is perfect timing to make one!!

  8. What is the pretty peachy yarn?


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