Monday, December 06, 2010

First Snow

Ice on the pond! Eek. That's cold.

We woke up to a Tennessee Snowday. Too bad for the kids that it was Sunday, as this much snow closes the schools here. It melted as soon as I took the first shot and then started to snow again a few hours later. Click to see the flakes in the second shot, if you have nothing better to do. ha!

And then pictures of a very sleepy puppy. Just minutes before he was the Beige Bullet, just a blur as he flew around the pond on a short walkies. We open the door and he propels himself up the stairs, and then into the house, getting no traction on the bare wood floors. So far he has not hit the wall, unless you count the wall of sleep he now hits.

The original and the remake. I finished the top yesterday and will get it quilted today. Not as yellow as the first version, but still has plenty of orange and green. It will be about the same size and I used a mix of silk and cottons.
PS For those new to fusing (the way I make a quilt) see this ancient post.


  1. Last week we had about 8 cm of snow. It has all melted away now.

  2. mary ann9:58 AM

    We had seven inches of snow Thuirsday night into Friday and it was our puppy's first snow and he went nuts in it. Was there enough snow for Chumley to get excited?

  3. Snow?? You call that snow?? LOL It's been snowing here since Dec. 1 with only small amounts of accumulation...until Sat. night!! It dumped 10 inches on us and last night we got another 5 inches. The forecast is for another 10 inches within the next day or two!! I'll take your snow over ours any day :)

    Love the Chumster pics! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I'll take some of that Tennessee snow! It looks so serene. Your art quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! The design, the colors -wow.

  5. I want some Tennessee snow at my house too! Love the second version of your quilt.

  6. That's what I call 'Progress', Melody.
    You've really made headway with your newest work.
    No snow here in mid-MO, yet.

    Chumley favors Pink, does he.
    Or is it he just favors comfort?

    Warm Holiday Hugs,

  7. We always have snow by now, but have had only rain. Yuk. This piece is stunning. I'm in awe.

  8. A tired dog is a good dog.


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