Friday, December 31, 2010

Cleaning Results

I have to start cleaning in the kitchen of course, despite my aim to clean my studio. I was almost done in an hour, but then I decided to REALLY clean and that extended my time in there for two more hours. Just as I was finishing I spilled a container of poppy seeds all over the clean counter. Grrr.
Part of my motivation is watching House Hunters and Designed to Sell on HGTV. Why fix up a house perfectly just before selling when you could actually live in that nice decor? I'm trying.

If I were selling this house, I imagine the kitchen would have to look like this ALL THE TIME, which is not realistic. We don't have a dishwasher, so there are always dishes sitting out on the drainer, so getting it cleared off is so refreshing. I hate the look of that stove but it works, so I can't justify replacing it. If we were selling, we would.

After this was finished I tackled my room while Dave was doing the same in his room.
We both decided to move furniture and rearrange everything. He has all sorts of guitar stuff in his room, with microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and wires everywhere. I am so glad I didn't have to help him.

This is before...

When we recently had the bubble tub room painted, I moved all these books into the bedroom and that looked nice enough for a while but it got tighter and tighter when I brought the white chair and ottoman in, and finally today I decided the books had to go back into the bubble tub room. Before I did the move, the floors had to be washed and other stuff removed. It was lots of sweaty work but I am so glad I did it.

 Now I have an empty wall, which calls for a new work, either quilt or painting. Plenty of room to walk around without bumping into things and a good spot to read or knit while watching TV.
My room has French doors, and another door to the bathroom, plus an opening for the bubble tub room. Three windows take up more wall space, so I squeeze in artwork where and when I can. The chest of drawers fits in the corner behind one of the French doors, which is usually closed. I switch the TV to the right position for watching, depending on if it is the chair or the bed that I am in.
 Now that I've moved the chair I have easier access to both sides of the bed, which since Chumley hogs the bed, I have to find one side or the other to climb aboard.
Once the bedroom was finished, we had a nice lunch which pretty much finished me for the day. I plopped into the hot tub and then my pj's, even tho it was only 3ish. Then Saturday...the STUDIO.


  1. Well, *I* am motivated to declutter my home when I watch an episode of Hoarders! lol! I hope to soon get back to your level of "dirty" and meeting the "Designed to Sell" standards! And Happy New Year, by the way!

  2. I just clicked on your kitchen photo and, Melody, I think I see a couple of Poppy Seeds.

    Happy New Year Hugs,

  3. What a beautiful haven your room has become. You're so busy and productive though, it's hard to imagine you spending much time there!

  4. Nothing like starting a new year with a clean house!

    Happy new year. :)

  5. Your rooms are such colorful fun. Your cleaning out is inspiring.

  6. Love this! Seriously, though - sometime arrange your bookcases by color. You will love it!!!

  7. I've thought the same thing about "Designed to Sell" fact, I think once a family did decide to stay!

    I know some appliances have insertable panels. Maybe you could get just a door for the oven and lighten it up? (If that's what you object to.)


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