Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the Season

Black Friday at my local yarn shop, Three Black Sheep. My pal Judy has just finished her Eternity Scarf in Karabella merino. Gorgeous-amente! She is a tall gall and models and wears knits so beautifully.
The BIG SALE was a lot of fun because every hour and a half different things were on sale, associated with a certain letter. I was patient and stayed almost all day, and got this unusual colorway of Malabrigo Rios, and hit the jackpot with some Karabella merino in two different weights and colors.

And my fave item is this Namaste Needlecase for circulars. Lime leather. Too too! I loved putting my needles away, and will eventually get around to inserting the little number tags in their slots so I can easily find the exact needle when I need it. Turns out I have like 5 sets of #8 circulars. O dear...but then again, they might all be in use in different projects, so it's OK.

 The weather turned sharply colder, and we had this wonderful sunset. It was 28 degrees this morning. Brrr. Good baking and knitting weather.

Since it is the season of good cheer, Chumley meets Popeye and for a split second it appears they could be friends. Popeye vehemently disagrees. Humbug!
PS. the recipe for spicy pecans:
In a large frying pan, (I used a wok) melt some butter and olive oil and add a pound of pecans. Stir in some chili powder, honey, lemon pepper, cayenne to taste, and salt. Toast and taste. Add more honey or sugar and be careful not to burn. Turn out onto parchment paper lined cookie sheet to cool.


  1. Love the Lime! Thanks for pecan recipe. (Not that I'll make, cause you know me.) But it's good to know the ingredients.

  2. I just posted about sewing lime today. Gorgeous winter photo!

  3. Hey Mel
    two questions. One...How many slots in the needle case. Hoping I don't need two to hold all the ones I have. And two. what weight of yard have you been using for the eternity scarf since you are using a larger needle than the pattern calls a 10.5, the pattern says 9.
    Love the look and the weight of the yarn in the scarf pictured today.

  4. Thanks for the pecan recipe. I LOVE that eternity scarf!!

  5. This animal photo is sensational. You can see that cat between patience and horror... Cats and dogs have so many misunderstandings because of controversial body language, don't they?

  6. You are so sweet to Popeye. It takes a lot of patience to own a very old pet, no matter how much you love them.

  7. You did have patience to stay all day. That green leather case would have been worth it for me! The pecans sound wonderful.

  8. OOOOhhhh! The yarn looks fabulous and I have the lime case and love it!!!!

  9. that scarf is beautiful
    I LOVE< LOVE<LOVE that red and green yarn
    can you tell me the names of the colors or numbers so I can track them down!

  10. Oh I need one of those Namaste circ holders! Mine are in a plastic zippy bag, well the ones that aren't scattered around the house and in projects.
    Am jealous of Popeye, having such a lovely room, though I might need more than a puppy pad and a bowl of crunchies....

  11. As soon as Chumley learns that Popeye is the boss, they'll do fine. It took almost a year but my lab finally learned to respect my 18 year old cat. I'd even catch them sharing the same warm "sunshine spot" in the dining room- tails almost touching!

  12. That picture of Popeye and Chumley is very cute, it made me smile. I have some serious doubts whether they can ever get used to each other though, it looks like Popeye is just too old and too weak to be boss of anything, not to mention a boisterous puppy. Our former cat died of kidney failure and she looked about the same as Popeye does.


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