Saturday, November 06, 2010

Comfort Food

It is blustery and rainy and we saw our first flakes of snow, brrrr. A perfect day to get off my butt and make some PIE. We were given these Arkansas Black apples from a neighbor across the street, who got them from our neighbor to the West. I gave half of them to my sister and still had over a dozen left to make PIE.

These are very firm apples. I tried eating one out of hand and am happy to report I still have all my teeth in place.
Baking them seemed like a good idea.
Thinking ahead I bought a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, and Walmart's brand of premade pie crust. It is really good, and I am really lazy, so I use it often. It is better than those frozen piecrusts in the tins. You can roll it out and make it fit the intended dish, which I did here. Very deep dish for mega-amounts of pie apples. I tossed in some dried cranberries, because Ina Garten did that recently on Barefoot Contessa, and I was inspired. Lemon juice, brown and white sugar, and cinnamon went into the apples and then they were dumped into the unbaked shell. I prefer a crumb crust: half a stick of cold butter, chopped walnuts, cinnamon, flour and oatmeal, and finally sugar, cut with a pastry cutter and then top the apples. Bake at 350 for about 40 minutes or until the crust looks golden. Top with a generous dollop of vanilla. Skip lunch.

  No pie for Chumley.

Are these biscuits low cal?


  1. Thank you for this wonderful episode of "Pie Talk".

  2. Yummy looking pie! Chumley does not look pleased... but he does look well-fed and uber-loved!

  3. diane8:30 AM

    The pie looks delicious. Chumley didn't get pie??? Not even a scoop of vanilla ice cream???

    Poor Chumley!

  4. randi9:28 AM

    O yum...I'm going to kitchen to bake one now. :)

  5. Loveing the Chumley photos Melody! Never made an apple pie in my life ( no cooking genes) but you've got me thinking about it.


  6. Alas Poor Chumley! He looks so sad....

  7. On the back of the granola cereal box is a great receipt for apple/cranberry dessert! You use ethe granola cereal for the topping. It's really great with tart apples.

  8. Yum-Oh! I want some of that pie NOW! Love the way Chumley's back legs are splayed out in the last picture. What a cutie! And absolutely don't let him have pie or ice cream. Not good for doggies! Maybe an ice cube on a hot day, though!

  9. Anonymous4:17 PM

    The pie looks delicious! Poor Chumley looks so underfed and deserving of pie. :-)

  10. Have you tried giving Chumley the apple cores? Our grand-puppy loves them.

    I've a fail-safe pie crust for those times you can't get to the supermarket...
    In the processor throw - 1/4 cup sugar, 1 cup flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, add 2oz butter (or margarine if you use that) on top. In a cup mix slightly 1 egg and put about half into the processor as you whizz it. Add a tad of milk/water, just so it starts to form lumps.
    That makes a base crust - double everything (and use the whole egg) if you want a top crust too. I make just a base, and use the left over egg to paint around the top of the crust so it browns nicely. I roll/squash it out and chill the crust while I make the rest of the pie. Sometimes I add a handful of nuts to the first whizz, or vanilla, or whatever!

    I love following your blog Melody - whatever you and your family are doing's just fine by me!

    Thanks a heap,

  11. The pie looks wonderful! I love making a crumb crust too. I hope you paint some of those apples.

    So Chumley now has a permanent place up on that sofa/loveseat? I think it's perfect.

  12. OMG, that pie looks and sounds so so yummy.

    Ain't going to be long before Chumley gets his own blog to go with his furniture and wardrobe. He is a rising star on the Blog O Sphere.


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