Saturday, November 13, 2010

Before and After

 Biscotti with almonds and cherries. Recipe here. (I added the dried cherries). I like a nice jawbreaking cookie now and then. One you can dunk, if you are so inclinded. I prefer a strong cup of Earl Grey or cinnamon flavored coffee with these. They are sweeter than I usually like because of the cherries, but I guess it didn't matter. Um, I think they were kinda popular. Next time I must double the recipe.
 Things are changing around here. Now that it is indoor time, it seems we need to do something about the last two rooms, the bathrooms. Wallpaper and BEIGEness is on it's way out. Yay!! Mike and Dave are hard at work, and I am getting happier by the minute.
A lovely reader sent me this link for the Mellen vest pattern I recently made. It is really called the Maid Marian vest, so if you want the pattern, this link may help.

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