Friday, November 19, 2010

Back Home Again

We are so happy to have Chum back home, and with no residual effects. In fact, he doesn't seem to have read the memo about being listless for a few days. 'Try to keep him from jumping' the vet said. Ha! He could wiggle the stitches loose! I have pain pills for him but cannot catch him to give him a dose. This is all good.
And we have the first coat of the bathroom paint done.
 I am calling it Sea Glass aqua, despite the paint chip's actual name. Now that the wallpaper is off and other extraneous fixtures have been deleted, I have WALL SPACE FOR ART. A bathroom is a strange place for an art gallery, but a gal's gotta use what is available.

I got turned on to pug videos by Susan and this one is my favorite. I hope you'll like it too.


  1. I want to go to the park I don't know why the one dog doesn't? My dog would have started prancing and whining at the word car or rides. LOVE the video! Your bathroom is looking beautiful. Wonderful new faucet.

  2. The head tilts are GREAT - I have one dog who does that, but to see four at once !!! And their stay command is one to envy.

  3. Love this basin! The color name is perfect. And the 4 pugs are hilarious! Hope yours will be healing in no time.

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Pugs come with all sorts of in-born tricks, head tilting is one. They really, really want to understand.... but! A bit of cookie would help, food and snacks are the center of a pugs world. Well, that and cuddling, and maybe, sleeping... yeah, it is a little crowded in the center of a pug's world. But they will always make enough room for you!

  5. Your puppy is so adorable and very photogenic... I love seeing pics of him! You cannot not smile and think good thoughts when you see his face. I'm glad he's home and doing well. The video is hysterical. I have to pomeranians and they do the head tilt thing too... they have no idea that we're just trying to get them do it by using the key words... we always reward them with a treat or walk or ride though :)

  6. OMG! How fun! You need a few more of those little darlings and you can create your own videos!

  7. As always i love the news and picture of Chumley. what a difference in the bathroom. I like the colors name too. I just cannot resist hanging some bits of artwork in mine.

  8. Mel,
    Chumley is a dog. You do not have to catch a dog to give it a pill. It is not a cat.
    Refer to this document for clarity.

    Glad your pug is back.

  9. So glad Chumley doesn't know what he's missing. Love the wall color. Very soothing and a perfect background color for art.

  10. Too CUTE!! THANKS for sharing your wonderful little friends with us!


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