Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wooly Goodness

Far be it for me to keep a no-more-yarn promise, especially when Fabric.com sends me tantalizing sale emails daily. I could not resist the sale price of these top notch quality Rowan dk 100% merino and merino-cashmere blends. My new favorite color is pear green and I added a few sweet warms to put next to my face since pear isn't good there. Then why not add these other shades in the Cashsoft brand? Both groups are dk so I think they are interchangable. I'm thinking I have enough for me and a baby named Violet on my knit-for list.

Speaking of the knit-for list, I have a few finished pieces to show before I send them off. Elaine requested this scarf, a repeat of one I did last year for a Christmas gift. This one is a bit longer, 6"x88" and I used the Multidirectional Scarf pattern.

Then I have two more pairs of socks finished, which I confess had been a long time waiting for a reason to add the toes and weave in the ends. I was looking for other sock needles  and realized they were still in use in the ufo's in the closet. Why not wrap these up and send them to the sock-wanting folks on the list? This second pair, started out matching and suddenly decided matching was overrated and did their own thing.
And I am late in showing this pair, which went out on Saturday to Elizabeth in GA.
 Please don't imagine me to be a fast knitter. The weather was just too wonderful so I sat on the deck under the umbrella and knit all day, with puppy antics to entertain me. Better than TV.

In other news, we are selling Dave's car. We've had a few calls, but plan on listing it in Craig's list

Sleepy boy Chumley right before he went down for a nap. Notice the totally still tail.


  1. I hope you know I expect a photo of Chum every single time. :-)

  2. Melody, I came across your blog recently and look forward to each new post. thanks for sharing

  3. Nice yarn and socks!
    We always seem to have good luck using Craig's List too - good place to sell a car.

  4. diane9:00 AM

    Beautiful knitting, beautiful yarn! Never say never when it comes to more yarn!

    Love that pup! Every post from now on must have a line or two at least about the cutey pie and a photo. Too cute!

  5. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Gosh I never knew that pug's tails could be straight or be still and not a blur! Learn something new every day! Loved the knit projects too.
    Nina in BC

  6. So you are the one that bought all the yarn. I just waited too long to order. LOL
    I am sure you will do more with it than I ever would have.
    Great blog.

  7. Chumley looks pooped, poor little pup.

  8. Lovely yarn and beautifully colored socks.

  9. Judy from Northport10:21 PM

    I have to tell you that my favorite dog was our gorgeous English setter named Chumlea. She died almost 30 years ago and I still think of her nearly every day. I wish you love and delight with your Chum...

  10. well how adorable Chum looks sitting for a portrait!
    LOL he is really cute!
    love your socks! the scarf is just so colorful! great pattern.
    good luck with the sale of the car, hard decision I bet.


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