Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Knit-Out: Dyeing Yarn

Wednesday is usually my social event of the week. Knitting group is a great time, lots of loud talking and laughing, sharing patterns, and lots of yarn fondling. We also talk about food, and husbands, and illness and occasionally have a gripe to explode, and then let dissipate. This week we are having a knit-out which means that we are meeting somewhere else and doing a dye session together. I am leading the festivities, and bringing the dye.
When I was still working with my company Artfabrik, Laura Wasilowski and I dyed tens of thousands of skeins of perle cotton, and it ceased to be fun after the thousand. We used procion dyes, but today, for wool yarn we are using acid dyes. I have this book which shows how to dye stripes. One needs to wind out a skein into a really really long loop and dyeing large sections in different colors. I'd rather just buy striped yarn.
But I do want COLOR as you might suspect, so I am also showing them my methods for fast almost instant color, in the microwave. See this tutorial.

On the Chumley front, we are teething and biting shoes, pillows, acorns, towels, and his favorite, Dave's socks.

PS. A lovely reader sent me this image. So Cute!!


  1. I first got pugmania from Oscar the pug on this blog:
    You're making me want one. Help!

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I love your Chumley. I love all dogs and cats. How is Chumley getting along with Popeye?

    Our pound dog was about 3 months old and so happy to go home with us about 12 years ago. She is so smart, cute, and loving; I can't believe anyone gave her up. The first thing we did was take her to obdiedence school. It turned out to be the best thing we did. Not only did she enjoy it, but she won FIRST PRIZE for her performance. She is leash trained, which we could not do ourselves, and loves to go on walks in the park with us. She loves to go in my husband's truck and sometimes I even take the back seat so she can ride "shotgun."

    I wish you many happy years with your new baby. Cam

  3. Dirty socks are the best!!!!!!


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