Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TogetherKnits Show and Tell

This is Knitter Extraordinaire Marj Barkley. She had a collection of yarn in coordinating autumn colors and decided to keep knitting until the yarn was all used up. Beginning with this smart shell vest and continuing with a mitered square vest which this photographer failed to capture. Then came the hats.

These were all from a single hat book.

Here is Ellen modeling one of them shot from front and back. Darling!

Then onto a sweater set for a younger person.

Our President, Cherry brought in this Origami sweater which is knit in parallelograms and sewn up in diagonals. Amazing work. She even showed us how to make knitted shoulder pads.

The TogetherKnits guild is different than our Wednesday group, altho there are many of the same attendees. The guild is a formal entity and has board members, dues, and does charity knitting as well as 'adopting' a serviceman and sending him care packages. We have recently began having show and tell and it has been sooo much fun to see what others are making and seeing who knows how to do that knitting technique that has intrigued one for ages. I am so lucky to have found this group.


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Amazing knitting. You found the right knitting group to match your knitting skills.

    Two posts without Chumley! Don't get me wrong, I loved your posts, but I miss the pooch.
    Dog lover, Cam

  2. Love these gorgeous hats!

  3. Maybe you could knit something for Chumley???


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