Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to the Baktus

Not that I am counting but this is my 5th version of the wonderful scarf pattern Baktus, which I made for Carol on my knit-list. I love this color scheme. I used Mini Mochi merino and nylon, in colors 104 and 105. The yarn is spun in gradations and alternating the yarns makes a wonderful stripe.

It is 62" from end to end and about 13.5" at the center. Each skein of yarn is 195 yards and I do have some leftover, but I quit increasing at about 80 stitches (center depth) and then began my decreases. It is plenty big. And so soft. Love love love Mini Mochi and all its siblings, Mochi Plus and Chunky Mochi.

 Then it's back to socks! This is Ty-Dy sock yarn, 80/20 and is superwash. Lovely to knit. My colors too. Someone on the knit-for list will get these.
P.S. The list is full. I will announce when I am accepting more recipients soon.
I have to share a really kool online knitting magazine which popped into my life this weekend.  Knitcircus Magazine. The magazine is free to read online with LUCIOUS COLOR and then the entire pattern collection is downloadable for like $8. Amazing idea! Instant gratification and one can return to view past issues with just a click. I can see this as a wave of the future. I was contacted by Ada, the technical editor for the knit and crochet patterns. She asked me to submit a pattern for their Spring issue. Woowoo!
That means I must design something...eek! Not like I don't do that already, but this time I gotta be accurate. Double eek.
 The pond is weed-free and the sunset cast this beautiful light on the house. It was the perfect ending to a lovely day. My sister et famile came for lunch and a Chumley visit. We ate on the deck and ran with the dog until we were all wiped out. Life is grand.


  1. Mel, thanks for the reminder about the Baktus scarf! I actually bought yarn last year when I was just learning to knit, but couldn't get comfortable with such small yarn/needles... I think I'll try again now that I have become more comfortable with knitting in general! And your house picture is wonderful... you have a lovely home, and I always enjoy seeing what you have been doing!

  2. I could be very happy living in your house with all those beautiful trees and the pond. Is there something we can trade?

  3. The opportunities just keep popping up! Congrats!

  4. Lovely pic of your house :) It must be so nice to have your family closer to you....and they actually visit....LOL. We moved 3 years ago from TX to PA to be near family but rarely ever see them :( I envy you.

  5. Beautiful house. Enjoy. The sunset looks great.


    -Samya :-)

  6. Anonymous12:02 PM

    The picture of your house is beautiful. I thought it was a Thomas Kincade until I scrolled all the way down. All your hard work has really paid off.

    And how wonderful to have your sister so close.

  7. What size needles did you use for this fab scarf?

  8. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Yeah, yeah, nice scarf, nice house, WHERE'S A PIC OF CHUMLEY??? LOL! :)

  9. Beautiful knitting. Seeing your socks off and on inspired me to give it a go and well it's a bit more tricky that I thought but I'm hanging in there and thankful for the helpful ladies at the local yarn shop. :)

  10. I love a woman who loves life as I do!! Life IS good, grand, delightful, and with that attitude, even the “challenges” find perspective. I’ve been reading/loving your blog FOREVER (3 years, I believe) and rarely comment. I don’t knit (I crochet), don’t paint (but I do sketch ideas in a sketchbook) and I don’t dye (except lace) or quilt. I’m a crazy quilter - mostly embroidery, crazy piecing, and the like. But you are so inspiring to me - not only in your arts, but in your garden, your sense of humor, your style and general personality. And Chumley is just icing on the cake! Hugs, Cathy

  11. Hi,
    What a great post !!!
    Love the scarf, the socks and the photo of your home.
    Very beautiful!
    Best wishes,

  12. Your scarf is fabulous! I'll have to remember that pattern as garter stitch is my all time favorite :)

    happy knitting :)

  13. I have sock yarn that will never be used for that purpose so I thank you for reminding me of this scarf. I started on it two days ago. An inquiring mind wants to know how long did it take you to complete it.


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