Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dye Results

Special Edition fabrics drying in the sun. These were done late in the day and we left them in the classroom to dry overnight, but alas, they did not. So, resourceful as Girl Scouts, we found a way through the bowels of the hotel to the loading dock and a park across the street. This meant transporting the fabrics in situ on several styrofoam platters. We commandered a serving rack and managed to carry them all at once to this sunny location.
One of the platters held six pieces of really soaked-with-dye fabrics, but since they had been sitting overnight, we knew the dye was exhausted and so we carefully removed the pieces and spread them out on the grass.
In the warm morning sun they dried in no time and we were able to return to our classroom for more DYEING!!

 This was such an excellent class and so enthusiastic that after my short morning demo they dove right back into making more fabric. No more teaching required. I had nothing to do but clean up my supplies, wash out the demo fabric I had made for the student who could not attend. and wait for lunch.
Then LUNCH, which was another unbelievable array, including the most succulent salmon and oodles of wonderful roasted veggies. O my. Serious dieting must follow when I get home. As a class we sat the longest at the table and made the most noise. I am telling you, the laughter was intense and so beneficial to my psyche.
In the evening we had a bazaar night in which teachers and some students brought wonderful things to sell. I broke down and offered some fabrics that had been dyed so long ago, and had been kept in my vault of things too good to use, and of course those were the first to go. I am sure they will enjoy their new home and I will enjoy the empty shelf in my studio. Sometimes you just gotta move on.
Today I will begin a three day fusing and design workshop and I am looking forward to making some new work...if I can keep the class busy enough.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous time is being had by all.

  2. Carol Sc9:05 AM

    My friends, Linda and Bonnie, attended your class --- they were excited and, now, I am excited to see their results --- I know they will be bubbling with enthusiasm --- and, possibly you will consider doing more teaching again?

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    ah delightful...
    wished I was there...

  4. Beautiful! The one on the end looks fab with all the "puddles" within the colors. I hope we get to see more!!!! I'm so envious of the students!!!!

  5. It was a GREAT time. I love what I did in class and I'm so glad you came out of retirement to do this.
    Can't wait to use my fabrics - life comes first, tho!!!!!

  6. Whoa, you're in my hometown! If you get a chance you should scoot up to Plainwell, about a 15 minute drive from Kazoo. There's a kind of new quilt show up there called Dancing Dogs that has a nice selection of fabrics, it's kind of unique and the owner is really a nice lady.

  7. People should be encouraged to arrange fabric on their fences as a temporary or permanent installation.

  8. Judy from Northport8:18 PM

    Looks like so much fun...

  9. You girls are having too much fun and the dyed fabrics are ..... to die for ;-}

  10. Anonymous6:44 AM

    First it was Sonji's, then Attic24 and today Juanita's blog is missing from your 'reading' list. What's going on?


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